BigGaySteve is one clever homosexual

Vox Popoli’s witty and gay commentariate Milo, Big Gay Steve (aka Big Gay Koran Burner or BGS or BGKB for short) makes some clever catches in this round-up of comments on recent immivasion developments in Europe (BGS’s original comments in plain italics; his quotes from other commenters in boldface):

I am glad I got to see Europe before 2000. I just have to hope it will be safe to visit in my lifetime. Even if you could kill 30 attacking groids with your bare hands & get out of Europe you would be extradited back by bath house Barry.

question is still out if it will be between the ultranationalists and the EU elite or between the nationalists and the immigrants

You have to take out the (((EU ELITE))) before or you will not be able to deal with the refusegees.

sizeable part of European populations will actively fight against their fellow countrymen over the invaders or the Brussels bureaucrats…Though these left-wingers are atheists

atheists will not fight to keep n1ggers in the nation, they might key your car but not fight. The most they will do is gay bar level slap fighting.

Texas is uniquely situated to be the prime mover in the disintegration of the USA.

The (((()))) have been depleting the Texas aquifer selling bottled water out of it, in preparation for succession. Its always the wells & food with them.

–The ((())) convention refers, of course, to (((the J*ws))), of whose anti-White racism and warmongering and financial shenanigans and “lets himself in your wife’s bed, a n*gg*r in your daughter’s bed” bullshit we are all roundly fed up with. [PS:  there were no “gas chamber” mass casualties during the “holocaust”, 9-11 was a J*wish/Mossad inside job, and Sandy Hook didn’t happen.  Also, Einstein plagiarized e=mc^2 and Sontag was a shitty novelist.]

I’m glad that BGS clarified the earlier commenter’s worry about European middle-class leftists posing a threat: they will, of course, do what they’re told, and they’re sure as hell not ballsy enough to stare down a battalion of Breiviks, even if they really did believe in all this “multicultural” crap.

But I’m just fascinated by his insight about the Texas aquifer.  Isn’t that fascinating?  Those (((eskimos))) really think of everything, don’t they! lolzozlzolz  The state most primed by its history and culture (if not quite, nowadays, by its demographics) for secession, and they just go ahead and make things difficult for them, just in case.

And it gives some eerie insight into that whole business about wells in the Middle Ages.



  1. Bonus BGS!:

    “Has anyone ever seen a non white that did unpaid volunteer work for the general public as opposed to their racial interests? Actually has anyone ever seen a non white unpaid volunteer? Tom Kratman wrote about how the Kurds wanted to be paid for unloading free stuff into their houses.”

  2. I just searched my handle and saw this. I used to live in TX for a while along with other places. Aquifer depletion is something preppers are concerned with. So yea I am also a prepper on top of all that. I believed in equality when I got out of high school but worked in inner city hospitals for years forcing me to believe in reality instead.

  3. The eskimos don’t actually think of everything, they have not done anything new since Martin Luther wrote his book about them. If you explained to the founding fathers about high speed trading they would say, “oh yea the Rothschild’s hired falconers to kill other peoples homing pidgins”

    If you look at how the (whatever you call bad moslems) treat infidel slave women, torturing them to humiliate their menfolk you will understand the Spanish Inquisition that followed jews selling white women to moslems. Moslems treating infidel women that way would be like a Christian handing out fish sandwiches and wine to the poor, replicating what each leader did in life.

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