Laboum!! Comeback!! April 2016!!


Through the long slog of 2015 after “Sugar Sugar” I kept fretting myself with the gloomy and doomy thought– what if Laboum were to become one of those groups that just folds and never is heard from again?

And then, right at the end of the year, came the awesome news that finally they would return to the fray, and thus was born the great December disco madness of “Aalow Aalow”.

Yet, while “Aalow Aalow” burned up my personal charts, it didn’t do that great in the wider world, and so soon once again I sank into my funk, wondering– as I did only last night– what if, what if, we still nevermore get another Laboum comeback?  Or at the least– oh, how long must we wait for it!

But now: as God answers prayers and proves us against temptation, comes the angelic summons from soompi:  LABOUM Drops Surprise Teaser for April Comeback!

laboum-yulhee-teaser Fresh Adventure

–with an album entitled Fresh Adventure to be released on April 6th!  Ah, is it me or does our teenaged baby Yulhee look like she’s ready to seek her Mr. Knightley?  And I, too, am ready to explore another Laboum pop masterpiece!



  1. Goodness– on the way home from filming the new music video one of the vehicles in their convoy hit a guard rail– only slightly injuring some staff and a member; no Laboum members were on board the affected vehicle. Thank heavens no real harm befell! And may the rest of the new promotions flourish without mishap!

    1. –oh wait, that WAS a 2015 article. So the video was “Sugar Sugar” I guess. Well, anyway– hope everything goes very well for Laboum going forward. Laboum hwaiting!

  2. –and back in the present, “Fresh Adventure” is almost ready to drop, and already we have the video teaser: with reminescences of recent mvs from Lovelyz and April, a dash of “Roly Poly”-era T-ara, and a goofy eyeroll from Solbin to top it all off!

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