An early word about Red Velvet’s “One of these Nights”

–Absolutely astonishing.  What can anybody do against something like this?  Has any other pop act so far amassed such a flawless videography?  At this point it’s like all of the best SNSD classic videos with none of the second-tier (let alone occasionally bad) entries.

The influence of Francis Ford Coppola’s notorious and brilliant box-office bomb One from the Heart (ruined his career) is writ very large here– even in the use of the Academy ratio and the distinctively early-80s soft neon fuzz of the candlelit imagery.

I detect, too, a touch of Hitchock’s Marnie in the ocean liner.  Echoes too perhaps of Godard’s Une femme est une femme and even his own early-80s work like the tableaux vivant fantasia Passion?

This is an insanely brilliant ballet of cinematic motion.  Every transition is surreally apt.  Every shot is framed with classic precision yet pop whimsy.  It is a kind of companion piece to the brilliant “Automatic”, obviously, but has an emotional dreaminess and melancholy to balance last year’s sensuous dream-fever.

I just watched this twice back-to-back, which in itself is for me nothing unusual; but I am shellshocked in my very gut by the awed sense of so much beauty and magic to digest.  The whole video has just passed over me: it leaves me feeling elated, weak, strangely guilty.  Where has my mind been these past days?  I knew Red Velvet was coming back, but I wasn’t really thinking of it at all, not as I usually do.  What cloud weighs upon my thoughts (the election, obviously; Europe’s fate; perhaps too my own)?

But this video is refulgent, ingenious, uncanny, absolutely marvelous.  What a gift!  What an absolutely wonderful gift!  What days and weeks ahead I must spend, relishing it all!  It will stay with me now and enliven my thoughts till my dying day!


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