Hyeri has meningitis

Girl’s Day’s cutest and most popular member, I’ve just learned, was revealed on the 5th to have meningitis.


According to her agency’s latest brief she will soon be discharged from the hospital, but this has raised cries of consternation from fans shocked that she could really be released from medical care so soon.

We hope Hyeri is making a speedy recovery, though admittedly two days from diagnosis to incipient release sounds very strange.  Is this some kind of very “minor” meningitis?  Is there such a thing?

We will hope too that her agency is wary of her health and gives her a lot of latitude to rest and recover.  In light of the recent scandal presumably referring to G.NA, I think most K-pop fans are in a wary mood about the industry– so we hope this medical emergency is being taken with all due seriousness, and a little extra for comfort and safety.

In any event, we wish Hyeri a complete recovery– it would be a great blow to dim any of her inimitable brightness.  Godspeed.

[UPDATE:] March 10th: Hyeri has been released from hospital and released a brief statement thanking fans for their concern.  I admit I share the concern of many of those who feel this looks like a precipitously quick release.  I hope she indeed is making swift and complete recovery– but I hope too her physicians and company are making reasonable and ethical judgments about her condition.  Again, we do hope her case was light and without any longterm ill consequences.  But give the poor child lots of rest!


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