Suzy and Baekhyun: “Dream”

This song is one of the megahits of 2016– actually, along with “Rough” and maybe whatever the heck Taeyeon’s doing, THE megahit (it won the year’s first Inkigayo Triple Crown)– and until a moment ago, I hadn’t even bothered to check it out.

I had no excuse to put it off.  Yeah, it’s a duet and all, but it’s got Nation’s First Love Suzy!!  And even though in a way Suzy has long since ceased to be some kind of preoccupation around here– especially now that miss A appears to be in permanent receivership awaiting their contracts going dead– that’s no excuse to check out this still very young and fabulously enchanting girl singing a very pretty romantic ballad whose popularity says nothing ill about the taste of the Korean people.

Though perhaps the fact of Baekhyun’s pink hair and purple lipstick– but hey, it’s a different country over there.


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