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Happy 2nd Birthday “Pink Blossom” Album!

Celebrating the 2nd anniversary of the release of A Pink’s glorious Pink Blossom mini-album and their megahit “Mr Chu”!   That long-awaited record whose half-dozen pitch-perfect tracks fulfilled the promise set by Secret Garden that A Pink would become the greatest girl group in the world! Advertisements

Hu oo oo oo~oo oo hu oo oo oo~oo

The glory of Snowflake, track 5. “Stars shining on a dark night/ That’s all for you on a day like that”. Sigh.  I luuv you Yerin!

A snapshot of the idiotic moral smugness of Ted Cruz supporters

–courtesy of commenter AP writing on March 14th at a Derbyshire column at The Unz Review: Interesting and generally correct analysis. I’m sort of inclined to include a fifth “party” led by Ted Cruz. Derb lumps him together with the neocons/establishment but his support seems to have distinct features and pattern of geographic support warranting […]


Rainbow took up a suggestively 90s-retro costume theme for this “Whoo” stage a couple of weeks back.  Jaekyung seems to rock her thigh-high boots wherever she goes, but how often do we get to see Seungah in a leather skirt?   Somesuch-fave Yoonhye gets a layered grunge-girl ensemble while Noeul gets the more body-hugging minimal […]

Laboum!! “Fresh Adventure” teasers!!

The release date isn’t till April 6th, but Laboum is slowly trotting out a stream of teasers for what promises to be a fresh and flirty and very spring-ful comeback! Teen goddess Solbin:     And the toothy charms of main vocal Soyeon:   –whose revolving finger perhaps gives us a bit of the choreo.  […]

Oh My Girl’s “Liar Liar” MV review

  The gorgeously supersaturated colors alone are enough to mark “Liar Liar” as a major aesthetic event in the pop culture annals of 2016.  With the fantastical sets, aegyo overload, and all those smoothly wrought deep neon hues, this video looks like a Legofied update on Alfonso Cuaron’s rapturous 1995 film adaptation of A Little Princess.  […]

“Just because someone wants to move from one country to another . . . .”

From Novus Ordo Watch, via The Thinking Housewife: By the way, there is nothing good or holy or worthy of compassion in being a migrant per se. The word “migrant” simply denotes someone who moves from one place to another. In and of itself, this is neither good nor bad; it is morally indifferent. Just because someone […]

Lost in Legos: a T-ara “T.T.L.” stage

This should be somewhere in the mbckpop archives, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it before.  The upload presentation is pristine, and T-ara and Supernova colorfully costumed, but there’s something about this expansive set and décor that triggers some primal 80s neon dream. Hyomin curiously looks a bit like some sort of Venezuelan hooker– […]

Muslims Must Go Home: Christendom Belongs To Whites

The extremist faith known as Islam has no place among White people.  We don’t believe in it, we don’t like it: in fact, it revolts us and we will never believe in it.  Sooner or later– be warned– we will not tolerate it: and the consequences for those of you who have imprudently imposed yourselves […]

Rainbow’s Inkigayo “Whoo” Goodbye Stage

It wasn’t that long a promotional season for Rainbow, but at least they weren’t unceremoniously denied a proper run as happened with “Black Swan”.  So here is their official “Goodbye Stage” for “Whoo”, in which the girls adopt schoolgirl outfits and, with all their accustomed energy, work and wink their way through their pop-rock single. […]

Happy Birthday Boram!: T-ara’s Boram turns th-ff-fe-fur-fffrrr–

–tee!   Thirty!   Yes, thirty . . . Well, this is exceptionally painful and awkward for all of us, and for none more so than the little old lady in question herself, –but she still looks remarkably well-preserved in spite of all, and we must not begrudge her to point out that, for all […]

Yerin, Yein, Yeri, Hyeri, Hyemi . . . wait, is there someone called ‘Hyerin’?

[Ed.: It’s that chick from EXID!] Ah, crap. So it is.  Wait– so who the flip is Hyemi?! Wait, Hyemi’s in 9Muses?  You know, I must’ve made that name up because I thought we were talking about the girl in FIESTAR. [Ed.:  Are you even kidding me?  I mean, I just can’t even– . . […]

A Yerin fancam (Feb. 5, 2015)

An Mnet “fancam” Yerin video– not billed as a rehearsal, but then why the heck are Mamamoo or whoever those beeatches are coming onto the stage with the mics while they’re still recording?– from the “Glass Bead” days. Little would I have guessed it then, but now I know it:  how could ever I have […]

Happy Birthday Kei!

Already-legendary K-pop megagoddess Lovelyz’ Kei turns 21! As not only the Main Vocal but the Face and de facto Leader (we know Baby Soul works hard but Kei is the den mother who nurses everyone’s troubles and teaches them how to spend their money and keeps them calm) of Lovelyz, it cannot be denied that […]

What if Dal Shabet did a Japanese single and I didn’t show up?

Sigh.  Okay, I think I did kinda sorta know at one point that this had happened, but I never looked it up? Anyway, it appears they didn’t make a music video for it, so basically this was just a sort of b-side bonus for their best-of compilation The Best which was released in Japan. Anyway, […]

BigGaySteve is one clever homosexual

Vox Popoli’s witty and gay commentariate Milo, Big Gay Steve (aka Big Gay Koran Burner or BGS or BGKB for short) makes some clever catches in this round-up of comments on recent immivasion developments in Europe (BGS’s original comments in plain italics; his quotes from other commenters in boldface): I am glad I got to […]

Laboum!! Comeback!! April 2016!!

YES! Through the long slog of 2015 after “Sugar Sugar” I kept fretting myself with the gloomy and doomy thought– what if Laboum were to become one of those groups that just folds and never is heard from again? And then, right at the end of the year, came the awesome news that finally they […]

Woohee has a sexy moment at 2:38 to 2:41

–or thereabouts in this Inkigayo comeback stage for 너같은. The retro-80s flavor in this staging is particularly redolent– it may not be the best show for the “Someone Like U” promotions but the timewarp factor alone makes it worth pondering.  Really taps some kind of deepseated childhood memory-scent in the dreamy corridors of the back […]

An early word about Red Velvet’s “One of these Nights”

–Absolutely astonishing.  What can anybody do against something like this?  Has any other pop act so far amassed such a flawless videography?  At this point it’s like all of the best SNSD classic videos with none of the second-tier (let alone occasionally bad) entries. The influence of Francis Ford Coppola’s notorious and brilliant box-office bomb […]

Serbian Authorities intercept Hellfire anti-tank missiles shipped to Porltand, Oregan

–A bizarre-sounding item, but apparently somebody in Portland has some sort of project in mind with anti-tank missiles? Did they intend to blow up somebody’s limousine? As commenters at the article suggest, Comrade Obama seems to be doing some of his Fast & Furious/Benghazi/Sandy Hoax gimmicks to help arm up his coreligionists here in our […]

“I know I have the mental capacity of a thousand bloggers, but because of that, my obligation to serve God is also that of a thousand bloggers.”

–says the quotable Mickey Kaus, from a collection of quotable Mickey Kaus quotes. I’m not actually sure whether Mickey curated these himself or not.  They seem fairly arbitrary, but this may be an example of Kaus indulging his whimsical sense of humor. Certainly Mickey has said a lot of quotable things before.  Prior to twitter, […]

Hyeri has meningitis

Girl’s Day’s cutest and most popular member, I’ve just learned, was revealed on the 5th to have meningitis. According to her agency’s latest brief she will soon be discharged from the hospital, but this has raised cries of consternation from fans shocked that she could really be released from medical care so soon. We hope […]

GFriend On the Radio

An uninhibited GFriend rock through “Rough”, with Sowon trading off her functional mic to Eunha, and glorious Yerin doing her “World’s Most Cutest” thing with adorable abandon.  It cuts off a few seconds too soon, and yet what we have is priceless! [UPDATE:]  OMG of course they did “Trust” too!! And right before this Yuju […]

Charles Murray’s Anti-Wonder Bread Hypocrisies

Since I chanced upon it while cruising the IQ archives at Lawrence Auster’s View from the Right, I’ll take a moment to take down this marvelous take-down of Murray’s bullheaded snobbish dismissals of too-White America by Larry’s reader Shrewsbury.  It’s so magnificent and apt and true, it deserves to serve as a kind of epitaph […]

Suzy and Baekhyun: “Dream”

This song is one of the megahits of 2016– actually, along with “Rough” and maybe whatever the heck Taeyeon’s doing, THE megahit (it won the year’s first Inkigayo Triple Crown)– and until a moment ago, I hadn’t even bothered to check it out. I had no excuse to put it off.  Yeah, it’s a duet and […]

Happy Birthday Chorong!

A Pink’s leader and eldest turns 25! And, as A Pink’s latest Japanese single (their first original single for Japan) attests, she has “Brand New Days” ahead full of continued glory– and the chance, we trust, to add to the catalog of songs she’s composed the lyrics for. But since I owe “Brand New Days” […]

A Year in the Life of Lovelyz’ “Hi”

It was a year ago today that Girls’ Invasion was repackaged with the new single “Hi”, and even though poor Jisoo was still in exile at that point, the release of this tremendous single and its video (along with the legendary teaser that preceded it) occasions a moment of reflection.   Time will move inexorably […]

7 Newspapers in New Jersey can eat s**t and fold

The petulance of the Fourth Estate knows no bounds.  Gov. Chris Christie, who has lately done some yeoman’s work to redeem himself from his shameful embrace of Chocosiah Barry Soetero during the 2012 campaign by helping implode Marco Robobot and endorsing Donald Trump, is now handed a “demand” for his resignation by some ludicrous consortium […]

80s Ladies Laboum

It’s Super Tuesday– time to prime the pump for Trump– but to get started here’s an “Aalow Aalow” performance I might’ve missed before. I love watching Yujeong’s heavenward gaze of gratitude circa 1:10 (also a good moment of ZN looking squirrel-like!).  And at the end Yulhee makes hearts for us!  The song is three months […]