GFriend’s Inkigayo Triple Crown Win

Coming off of further trophy triumphs on Show Champion, M! Countdown, and Music Bank, GFriend takes the coveted Triple Crown from Inkigayo, a capstone achievement for a rookie group which truly has catapulted to K-pop superstardom.


Adorable “World’s Most Cutest” Yerin has certainly learned some equanimity since her gushing tears at that first Show Champion win.  With– is it fifteen trophies now?– so many wins,  one becomes so quickly accustomed to victory!

Of course, as I remember thinking watching A Pink win their fourth (of what became five) Show! Music Core trophies for “Luv”, there’s that arresting feeling that things can never again be so perfect.  And indeed, “Rough” is clearly a K-pop hit for the pantheon– up there with “Gee”, “Roly Poly”, “Luv” in its epochal effect on the K-audience.  No matter how many more hits GFriend give us, this is going to be one in the history books.

It also, I keep telling myself, sets a heady standard for the next A Pink comeback.  If, Heaven forbid, A Pink were to strike out with a middling-size hit, GFriend might jump their place in line as Nation’s Next Girl Group once 8NSD finally let go their grasping fingers from the scepter.

Well, GFriend have earned this extraordinary run of success.  “Rough” is magnificent, emotive pop, and the group encapsulates with verve the heady charms of the archetypal schoolgirl.  February 2016 has belonged to the heady rush of their adolescent anthem.  GFriend hwaiting!


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