GFriend Win Again on “Show Champion”

“Rough” continues to grab trophies, in spite of the elbows of rivals (and I guess 4Minute’s comeback has been buried, hasn’t it?– looks like they may not renew their contracts then).  Ah, but the rising sun of GFriend is ravishing these wintry skies with sonic glory!


Let’s see how Yerin endured the emotions of this latest win:


Familiarity breeds equanimity!  Though that ubiquitous fat lady had Yuju confused, apparently.  And there was the returned Ladies’ Code too, standing by with the dignified quiet of sunbaes who have borne it all.  (And who are these chicks in the black vinyl minidresses?)

Anyway, even if the Inkigayo Triple Crown isn’t finished, this has been an extremely enviable run of success, one that would do proud even a SNSD in its prime.  Even glorious A Pink will have its work cut out to match this haul again– well, so too for that matter will GFriend.  It’s a great moment, and richly deserved.




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