Rainbow Rocks!

While GFriend commands the charts with what clearly is the great K-pop record of Winter 2015-16, we also are greatly enjoying Rainbows back-to-their-roots comeback with Prism and “Whoo”.  Though I was skeptical for a couple of listens, this Josie and the Pussycats pop really rocks:

Though “Black Swan” is the greater work of art, I’m happy that Rainbow clearly are enjoying themselves with this comeback.  And the Prism set contains a dynamic range of tunes, including the very sultry and slinky closer “Eye Contact”, which could fit in with the Innocent tracks as a sort of upbeat makeout song.  Sake-she stuff!



  1. –The video wasn’t supposed to post twice (wordpress’ new writing format is a pain in the ass on multiple fronts) but, you know, why not leave it like this?

    Double the double doses of Yoonhye’s butt! YOONHYE’S BUTT!!

    –Which I single out for compliments in a loving and monogamously spiritual context

  2. Eric · · Reply

    Hmmm…Rainbow is a lot different than I remember them:

    But Yoonhee’s butt is much better to look at than Ritchie Blackmore’s anyway…

    1. Now if it weren’t for iTunes lumping them in together when you search, I might not have seen that one coming . . . !

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