Our Jewish Problem, in a nutshell

Heartiste writes on twitter:

(((They))) are emotionally invested in seeing to it that US becomes less Gentile White.  Simple as that.  Raw anti-goyim hatred.  Fuck them.

–Europe and America and the Commonwealth are not Jewish homelands.  They are not tools given by God to Jews to fuck around with and exploit.  There will be no secular “messiah” for a one-world Jewish government.  Jews– physically unprepossessing, emotionally overexcitable, lacking in moral scruple and aesthetic sensitivity, and simply not as smart as they think– are not life’s elite, and they will have to get used to it.

The insane racist ramblings of David Mamet or “Spengler” simply put to shame the febrile rhetoric of Mein Kampf.  A White person cannot be considered educated until he understands how much of what happens in his society today is dictated by the Iago-like machinations and intractable hostility of Jews.  The United States must abolish dual-citizenship along with birthright citizenship.  Europe must send it’s Jews home to Israel.  And Israel must live peaceably with its neighbors and abandon its interference in the affairs of foreign lands.

And for God’s sake, Jews, get a clue:  you haven’t written an original or readable book since Jeremiah.  You have no Virgil, no Dante, no Petrarch, no Shakespeare, no Racine, no Keats, no Austen, no Tolstoi.  Roth and Bellow are male menopausal verbal masturbation.  Sontag is bloody Sontag for cryin’ out loud.  What have you got– Delmore Schwartz?  Nigga, puh-leez.  And you people think you’re some kind of Master Race?  Jews can’t even write!




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