I’m just a rookie but my band’s just won ten trophies; meanwhile, let’s interview these old hens who have been around for 7 years and haven’t won anything

The glamorous glory of Rainbow in their last hurrah, and the blessed youth of GFriend as their rising sun already threatens to eclipse all before it.

Two wonderful groups, but what an irony in the passing of the guard of the Hallyu Wave!

[Update:] OMG this GFriend member is Yerin, and she’s so cute I watched this over and over just for that milky melting expressive face of hers– and now here she is crying over GFriend’s second of all trophy wins for “Rough” on ep 172 (see below) of Show Champion!

And now after a hiatus GFriend is back to winning more trophies with “Rough”: it’s gone past “Mr Chu” territory in the trophy haul and is marching on to something closer to (though surely won’t actually get near equal to) “Luv”.  Really, A Pink should come back with something epically tortured and melancholy like “Rough” instead of all this “I Do”-style dance pop tepid fans think they should evolve to.  Not that “I Do” wasn’t a fun album track, but c’mon: what’s more grown up than emotional angst?  And GFriend really have evolved so quickly from “Glass Bead” into something compelling:  I was a skeptic before, but now I’ve fallen hard!

And here’s that winning debut “Rough” stage, by the way:


Looks like the 4Minute comeback is completely frozen out.  Oh well: you skrillex, you relics!  GFriend hwaiting!  Rainbow hwaiting!


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