“Aalow Aalow”, sans backup dancers, on Show Champion

And with ZN rocking some very cute highwaisted plaid shorts!

–though kind words should be added for Solbin’s colorful knit dress, Yulhee’s adorable pigtails, and everything else besides.

Ep 172 was two Wednesdays prior to this week’s, so Laboum’s had a reasonably good window for promotions, even if it’s only booking a second tier show like Show Champion.  And yes, the overcompensating male fanchants against a sea of quiet indifference tell the tale of their not getting there yet commercially.  Though at this point I can’t think why: with so much personability and attractiveness they should be taking over variety shows by now, even if their music wasn’t some of the best neo-“Round Round” pop making the rounds.  But “Aalow Aalow” remains canon around here, and with every new comeback Laboum inches closer– I hope– to popularity and profit, as they richly deserve.


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