Jin’s Other “Jin” top

In Lovelyz Diary Season One Jin confesses her tendency to pridefulness, something her handlers at Woolim Ent evidently meant to abate, judging by their sometimes rough treatment of her.  During a dry-run presser rehearsal she’s sarcastically berated (“You think you’re a good singer?”), and in the final hours of choreo rehearsal she has her center spot redistributed to Jiae.  Jin tells the camera that she used to be hung up on these things, but now she just wants to be a team player.

Well, I do believe Jin intends to be a team player; and in Korea, that’s a very high value.  And yet in Jin we detect, again and again, the sure wellsprings of a profound sensibility– arch, even hieratic, and passionate in her enthusiasms.  The other Lovelyz call her the “deep well”, and it is evident she commits herself completely whenever her enthusiasm is ignited.

And so, it is all the more worth celebrating that this quietly individualistic and intense girl is rewarded, after all, with the sole distinction of wearing her name on her shirt on stage– and not just the once, but this time too, and in lavender!  And so we pay tribute again to the “Jin” tops and their owner, and hope to collect even more:  Jin hwaiting!


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