Yoonhye, Goddess

Rainbow is set to comeback– for, we must fear, the final time– with an album mysteriously entitled Prism.  Will it be a blast of pure pop color like The Rainbow Syndrome?  Or a glittering electro gem like Innocent?  Going by the teaser photos, it’s set to be bright and sparkly, but with the group’s longevity and leggy sex appeal, I won’t be surprised if it continues with Innocent’s sophisticated dancey sound.

rainbow-prism-teaser soompi

But whatever else Prism will be, I’m expecting it to be awesome.  Ah, Rainbow, how late I came to appreciate you!  But at least the summer of 2014 brought me The Rainbow Syndrome, and then the glorious dues paid on the wait for Innocent.  And now we’ve waiting another year, and here you come again, K-pop’s perpetual shoulda-beens.  And I wish for you all great things, but especially for my darling weird-eyed Yoonhye.


Ah, Yoonhye!  Dorky, sensual, evocative goofball.


Yoonhye hwaiting!



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