The Terminator: the Mickey Kaus case why Rubio must be destroyed

Iconoclast liberal and Ann Coulter-buddy Mickey Kaus goes to watch Marco Rubio in action firsthand and presents a long-form case why his nomination would deal a coup de grace to the nascent populist-nationalist Reaction and traditional America (at least as long as we’re still constrained to resist by means of the “ballot”):

Marco and the K St. Restoration: I went to see Marco Rubio’s town hall this afternoon in Salem, New Hampshire. It was only a few miles from my hotel–I really had no excuse. I wanted to find out: Was Rubio really as slick and insubstantial  in this setting as John Edwards? Answer: No. He’s slicker. He’s slicker, in part, because he at least seems a bit spontaneous,** with a slightly goofy, human quality. I admit this is hard to judge seeing him once — maybe he always lets his 8-year-old son sit on his stool during his stump speech. But it’s hard to deny the appeal.

When it comes to substance, Rubio draws on an inventory of well-prepared rhetorical modules, with just enough policy to sound sophisticated, that can be inserted where necessary to handle, say, the how-would-you-handle-ISIS question (Sunni ground army!) or disability benefits (get rid of phony claims!). There’s not much sacrifice involved in any of Rubio’s proposals — even avoiding budget apocalypse, which he claims to be very concerned about, is just a matter of raising the retirement age and slowing benefit hikes for the well-off.  Nothing that hasn’t been floating around Washington for years. There’s a heavy emphasis on electability. Big, difficult questions (like robots taking everyone’s jobs) are ignored. Tellingly, however, Rubio has added a Trump Module, where he alludes to anger at stagnant wages. [. . . ]

“Read the whole thing there.” Bonus kausism from tonight’s GOP debate in New Hampshire:

Half this debate seems to be Martha Raddatz asking “Would you bomb this? … How about that? … Don’t you want to bomb at least *that*?

–G*dd–n Neo-Cons.



  1. Eric · · Reply

    Rubio the RINO has getting support from the media; and that alone makes him suspicious. The RINO/Neocons wanted Pee-Wee Bush all along, but since nobody outside of the Kennebunkport Mafia would back him, his henchman Rubio is getting pushed to the fore. Nobody’s talking about the political relationship between Rubio and the Bush Gang, but it’s there.

    1. lzlzozlz Well, I didn’t watch the debate, but word on the street is that Rubio truly got eviscerated. Chris Christie, who for some reason has really become an anti-Rubio frontman (is he angling for Trump’s VP slot?) reportedly reduced Rubio to sputtering the same exact response twice. I guess I really need to watch this. Kaus tweeted later in the night that he hears “the creaking sound” of the GOP establishment swinging to give Jeb! one last shot. So it sounds like things really went well from our perspective!

      I’m still really pissed right now with some of the manospherean reactionaries, who really dropped Trump like a hot plate after Iowa, I mean really crapping all over Trump and his fans. There was a lot of making fun of “Trump fanboys” and a sort of “you lied to me” attitude. People who changed their tune in a hearbeat, just bottomed out on the election in a snap. Really wretched, considering they’re flaking out after a single 2nd place finish. It really has me questioning the fortitude and integrity of some name-names I took more seriously before. If they can’t hold themselves together for a campaign season, what would they do in a war? And to top it off, they can’t seem to wrap their heads around the possibility that Macrosoft really did STEAL the votes.

      And I really recognized I used the word “really” A LOT above, but this is a real moment of truth type thing. Maybe we’re not going to be allowed to vote our way out of the Judeo-Globo apocalypse. But Trump is a SHOT at one last reasonable alternative. Buy the grandkids a little time to grow up at least. I start to wonder if all these “tradcon” types aren’t really a bunch of Left Behinders who just can’t focus on any existential threat or duty because they automatically assume Jesus will come back in 6 months to fix things. Could happen, but it didn’t for the Thirty Years’ War. And when you’ve got something like the Thirty Years’ War breathing down your neck, you need to do what you can to stop it! So TRUMP 2016!

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