Churchian cucks & Cuban f**ks

What is your damn problem, Iowa?

Or did Microsoft rig the caucus?

Donald Trump lives to fight another day– and New Hampshire and South Carolina, we can all agree, are more favorable turf.  By no means can this outcome in insular Iowa determine the race.

Still, it is disheartening to say the least that the famed self-righteous obliviousness of the Northern Plains has come to the fore once again.  And this time in service to the nefarious axis of Chamber of Commerce libertardians and Ashkenzazi swindlers who are willing to toss out democracy along with the republic in order to achieve their globalist wet dream of reigning as Brahmins over a universal Brazil.

Cruz–Good God, he looks like some hick town bank clerk in a Sergio Leone Western.  I mean, are we sure he isn’t animatronic?  Is his head square?  Who is this putz?  Why is he considered “conservative”?  He’s a Neo-Con warmonger who wants to bully Putin.  His wife is a bankstress whore for Goldman Sachs (to which illustrious house he owes money).

And Rubio– the cabana boy.  A probable closet homo with a cruising-park arrest on his record.  Remember when this clown came out and bested Governor Charlie Crist (he with the 80% approval rating) for Florida’s GOP Senate nom?  Okay, Crist was a RINO opportunist.  But who the hell was Rubio?  Oh, a REAL CONSERVATIVE, so went the story.  Why, beating Crist for that nom was a victory for the Right, supposedly!  Plus fun for heir-in-waiting Jeb!, who envied Crist’s popularity.  Well, somehow that never looked quite right to me.  And seeing as how Rubio is an Amnesty tool and a homo to boot, it is apparent that whole “more conservative than Crist” business was malarkey.  Fuck Marco Rubio.

Who the hell are these White people in Iowa who would sell out their country to dubious foreigners of dubious sexuality and completely pro-immigration, pro-corporatist ideology?  They lose their small towns to Section H8 and Mexican illegals, destroying wages, polluting our food with Turd World pestilence, and driving the native progeny to meth and Medicaid.  Donald Trump arrives, with a plan for deliverance.  And they think Cruz and Rubio “share their values”.  It is to laugh– no, to weep.  G*dd–n Lutherans, get some f**king balls about yourselves!

UPDATE: Mickey Kaus directs to this article from just yesterday, in which the Des Moines Register and Bloomberg completely dismiss the “rumors out of Washington” of a Rubio “surge”:

Bloomberg News reporter Joshua Green analyzed the latest polling information during an interview on Breitbart News Sunday on the evening before the Iowa caucus.

He dismissed the buzz coming out of Washington D.C. suggesting that the Florida senator was surging right before the Republican primary caucus.

“There is no surge,” he said in an interview with Breitbart News Chairman Stephen K. Bannon on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125. “There is no evidence of anything like that.”

Mickey also helpfully notes that Marco Rubio and Microsoft have done business before.




  1. Eric · · Reply

    According to Wikipedia: “Since 1972, Iowa has had a 43% success rate at picking which Dummycrat candidate would go on to become the nominee and a 50% success rate at picking which Republican…”

    Among Republicans, this percentage includes three unopposed candidates. Subtracting those, they’re prediction rate is 3/7. Not exactly outstanding…

    1980: Ronald Reagan finished 2nd
    1988: Bush Sr. finished 3rd—behind Pat Robertson
    2008: John McCain finished 4th—behind Mike Hucksterbee
    2012: Mitt Romney finished 2nd—behind Rick Santorum

    1. Well, I’m not discouraged– except to think that Microsoft rigged Rubio’s “surge”. It’s extraordinary how Fox News & such usual suspects have jumped all over Trump’s “defeat” and Rubio’s “victory” to push their relentless narrative. Also, Jewish prick John “Normanson” Podhoretz with his usual offensive anti-White gloating on twitter.

      It’s almost unimaginable for Trump to lose NH, and so of course with that win and his enormous crowds they know they have to go back to Trump Trump Trump coverage, biggest story in the land, all over again.

      I saw where Trump’s plane had to make an “emergency landing”. Hope the Zion-cuckservatives aren’t already moving on their Plan B . . . .

      1. Fortunately Putin has spoken approvingly of Trump, so Plan B can’t get blamed on the Russians, like the Dutch airliner was. And Obama doesn’t want to blame his friends in the Moslem Brotherhood, who are already under suspicion of blowing up a Russian airliner in Egypt. American White Militias would be too obviously a fake. Maybe China or North Korea will serve as a scapegoat for this ‘incident’.

        1. Oh the ‘scapegoating’ is an interesting question! I guess they’d have to go for “lone gunman”, but I fear their real scenario would be an aircraft emergency (God save Trump, and all of us).

          I was just engaging over at heartiste with matt king, who’s going on a doom & gloom tear about how Trump has ruined his own chances. I made two long replies, accusing him of overexcitability and demoralization. It IS discouraging to see other people so unreasonably lose their courage over one flipping caucus! So I hope at least it does some good for the others.

          But yes, demoralization is exactly what Fuchs News wants to achieve, so it’s ridiculous for Trump supporters to go all wobbly over Iowa.

          1. Eric · · Reply

            Well, Matt King is no stranger to overexcitability and demoralization. lolzlozlolzlolz

            And the Obama Administration is also no stranger to aircraft disasters; besides the two mentioned above, the missing Malaysian airliner is suspected of being their handiwork. And, of course, they gave Turkey the go-ahead to shoot down the Russian bomber. Really, since Hilary’s last presidential term (with her husband Bill) American political figures seem to have a high probability of dying in plane crashes—always coincidentally people who were opposing the group in power.

            1. Looking back at the aforementioned heartiste thread, I’m very disappointed in some people’s sour grapes, angry-at-Trump reactions. If Trump were only saying the right things but campaigning in the desultory fashion of Fred Thompson that might be one thing. But Trump has supercharged events packed to the gills.

              Come Tuesday and then SC, if Trump keeps coming in second while his crowds are ten times the size of any other candidate, we must know that the election is being stolen. We must understand that “the republic” is dead, and plan accordingly.

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