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GFriend’s Inkigayo Triple Crown Win

Coming off of further trophy triumphs on Show Champion, M! Countdown, and Music Bank, GFriend takes the coveted Triple Crown from Inkigayo, a capstone achievement for a rookie group which truly has catapulted to K-pop superstardom.   Adorable “World’s Most Cutest” Yerin has certainly learned some equanimity since her gushing tears at that first Show […]

Start the Year with Lovelyz

I know this performance is on here somewhere, but I just watched it again and really what should stop me from watching it every day? All day, every day?  Oh heck, this was the day they did “Ah Choo” too!   Now where’s that other broadcast they did both songs together?  The one with Jin […]

Ladies’ Code Returns to the Stage

Also in Show Champion Ep 175, the surviving Ladies’ Code’s return to broadcast (at least, I don’t know if they did SBS The Show already, but then that’s sort of a newbie program anyway). In the last stretch the fans in the crowd let loose with some very loud fanchants and Sojung breaks into a […]

GFriend Win Again on “Show Champion”

“Rough” continues to grab trophies, in spite of the elbows of rivals (and I guess 4Minute’s comeback has been buried, hasn’t it?– looks like they may not renew their contracts then).  Ah, but the rising sun of GFriend is ravishing these wintry skies with sonic glory!   Let’s see how Yerin endured the emotions of […]

Rainbow Rocks!

While GFriend commands the charts with what clearly is the great K-pop record of Winter 2015-16, we also are greatly enjoying Rainbows back-to-their-roots comeback with Prism and “Whoo”.  Though I was skeptical for a couple of listens, this Josie and the Pussycats pop really rocks: Though “Black Swan” is the greater work of art, I’m […]

GFriend’s “Rough”, from the Valentine’s hiatus

GFriend got frozen out of an initial second Inkigayo trophy by Taeyeon on the 14th, but they came back for a second win on the 21st and so could still seize the coveted Triple Crown for “Rough”, now perhaps the most aesthetically and popularly defining K-pop girl group hit since A Pink’s “Luv”. And this […]

Ladies’ Code: “Galaxy” MV Teaser

A Digipedi production full of staggeringly opulent baroque imagery, but with the surreal creepiness of vintage Dario Argento and further shades of the *ll*m*n*tt*, we now brace ourselves for “Galaxy”: –Is everything in this video going to be about triangles/pyramids?  We know there are only three survivors . . .  but is that blue pyramid […]

Ladies’ Code’s Return: the “Mystery” teaser

The surviving three Ladies’ Code memers released a tribute ballad last year, but now they are set to embark upon their official public return with a three-track EP entitled Mystery: –which sounds mournfully gorgeous.  The opening track could be described as trip-hop, and gives off an achingly eerie David Lynch air of grief and dismay.  […]

Our Jewish Problem, in a nutshell

Heartiste writes on twitter: (((They))) are emotionally invested in seeing to it that US becomes less Gentile White.  Simple as that.  Raw anti-goyim hatred.  Fuck them. –Europe and America and the Commonwealth are not Jewish homelands.  They are not tools given by God to Jews to fuck around with and exploit.  There will be no […]

GFriend Unplugged: “Trust” on Inkigayo

The mind-blowing epic ballad of Snowflake gets the stripped-down treatment in this resplendent performance from Inkigayo: –I’m just now contemplating the freeze at 3:15, the expression on Yerin’s inexpressibly warm and girlish face as the shadows dance over her, Umji seated beside her, then willowy Sowon, sparkling Eunha, SinB (she of the famed Jessica Jung […]

I’m just a rookie but my band’s just won ten trophies; meanwhile, let’s interview these old hens who have been around for 7 years and haven’t won anything

The glamorous glory of Rainbow in their last hurrah, and the blessed youth of GFriend as their rising sun already threatens to eclipse all before it. Two wonderful groups, but what an irony in the passing of the guard of the Hallyu Wave! [Update:] OMG this GFriend member is Yerin, and she’s so cute I […]

“Aalow Aalow”, sans backup dancers, on Show Champion

And with ZN rocking some very cute highwaisted plaid shorts! –though kind words should be added for Solbin’s colorful knit dress, Yulhee’s adorable pigtails, and everything else besides. Ep 172 was two Wednesdays prior to this week’s, so Laboum’s had a reasonably good window for promotions, even if it’s only booking a second tier show […]

Vox Day: “If they are going to arrest people for talking . . .”

If they are going to arrest people for talking, people are going to conclude they may as well be arrested for acting. –On the report of a man in Scotland arrested for complaining on facebook about the immivasion. If we’re going to be arrested– that’s right, it might as well be for doing something.  It […]

Exalted Ballads: GFriend’s “Trust”

The trophy-storming rookies present their third mini-album’s closing epic ballad for the crowd at Show Champion: in what surely is the most sweeping display of balladry since A Pink brought “A Wonderful Love” to the stage some seven months (already!) ago.

Jin’s Other “Jin” top

In Lovelyz Diary Season One Jin confesses her tendency to pridefulness, something her handlers at Woolim Ent evidently meant to abate, judging by their sometimes rough treatment of her.  During a dry-run presser rehearsal she’s sarcastically berated (“You think you’re a good singer?”), and in the final hours of choreo rehearsal she has her center […]

Happy Birthday Yujeong!

The “naggy” Laboum leader turns 24! And, while it hasn’t been the commercial breakthrough much longed-for, “Aalow Aalow” remains one of our favorite bops (as the netizens these days like to say) of this winter season. Plus, the good folks of Pops in Seoul remain rightly enamored of Laboum’s infectious onscreen chemistry.  As their catalog […]

Happy Birthday Jisoo!

Lovelyz’ luminous and once much-traduced but now famous and beloved Jisoo turns 22! I’m sorry Jisoo, I almost forgot . . .  But I hope you had a lovely birthday with all the lovelies of Lovelyz!  And many great blessings to come!  Jisoo hwaiting!  

Happy Birthday Naeun!

A Pink’s celebrated Lead Visual turns 22! –though not usually smoldering away in black leather, even if A Pink has admittedly taken to the stuff of late.  [Ed.:  You mean like when they played San Francisco?]  –Shut up, Bob!  It wasn’t just San Francisco.  Anyway probably it was Bomi’s idea.  And anyway it came off pretty elegant-like. […]

Dear Lord, looks like I’m becoming a GFriend fan

A reasonable listener could still defend hating “Glass Bead” and rolling the eyes over “Me Gustas Tu”, but “Rough” brings out so much operatic passion, such youthful intensity. And I admit, the little scrufflings can dance. “Rough”s theatricality is not the highbrow drama of Rainbow’s “Black Swan”, but it is in a way something quite […]

Yoonhye, Goddess

Rainbow is set to comeback– for, we must fear, the final time– with an album mysteriously entitled Prism.  Will it be a blast of pure pop color like The Rainbow Syndrome?  Or a glittering electro gem like Innocent?  Going by the teaser photos, it’s set to be bright and sparkly, but with the group’s longevity and leggy […]

The Terminator: the Mickey Kaus case why Rubio must be destroyed

Iconoclast liberal and Ann Coulter-buddy Mickey Kaus goes to watch Marco Rubio in action firsthand and presents a long-form case why his nomination would deal a coup de grace to the nascent populist-nationalist Reaction and traditional America (at least as long as we’re still constrained to resist by means of the “ballot”): Marco and the […]

Churchian cucks & Cuban f**ks

What is your damn problem, Iowa? Or did Microsoft rig the caucus? Donald Trump lives to fight another day– and New Hampshire and South Carolina, we can all agree, are more favorable turf.  By no means can this outcome in insular Iowa determine the race. Still, it is disheartening to say the least that the […]