Thirteen year old girls aren’t being protected.

Vox Day commenter Philip George generally tends to get ignored, in part because he seems to be some sort of Christian Monarchist forever beating his drum about the centuries-long march of devolution rather than specifically addressing whatever question is at hand, but I thought this particular comment was a rhetorical gem:

There’s only one story here. Thirteen year old girls aren’t being protected.
Aurelie Chatelain – again, and again, and again. Her child is motherless. France, a police force, their national intelligence agencies, their army, their foreign legion, their history, their political class, their academics, their lawyers, their tolerance, their diversity, didn’t protect her. She’s dead because a man professing to follow the teachings of Muhammad wanted her car to use to kill more infidels, kafir, unbelievers, and saw in a single woman a soft target. France was not her protector, defender. France failed. France is a failure. France, as it is, is indefensible.

–Especially so if the Muslim percentage of population there is 20% as some fear (France’s ruthlessly secular legal code forbids the taking of racial and religious statistics).  It is time for the great White French nation to cast off the suicidal funk of Post-Christian inclusiveness and expel its black and Arab deadbeats.  It is time for the German people– you know who they really are– to cast out all “refugees”, “migrants”, and “immigrants” from their midst.  No mosques in Europe.  No Muslims in Europe.  No “people of color” in Europe.  Europe is the White continent, the Christian civilization.  It belongs to us, and we can and shall pay every price to redeem it from its polluters– and punish those who opened the floodgates.

Every father has an absolute right to punish those who defile his daughters.  Find these men and destroy them.




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