The New GFriend Single

I’m trying to make some sort of peace with GFriend, the much ballyhooed rookie nugus who have taken over the hearts of Koreans with their quirky looks and heart-tugging propensity to slide and fall all over the stage.


Third single “Rough” maintains their signature lowbrow electric guitar flourishes and other inanities, but there’s a melancholy cheer in the wintry reveries of this video and the fortitudinous hooks of the song.  Plus, my own sentimental heart was tugged when the teddy bear stretches its arm after her . . . .

I listened to the medley teaser yesterday for the new album, and it sounds fairly classy, if at first glance somewhat samey.  I’ll break down and buy the album soon and we’ll see.  I suppose I may learn to tolerate them, but even so– they ain’t Lovelyz, and why oh why must they eat up all the accolades Lovelyz so justly deserve!

Actually the netizens at allkpop had a whole thread going yesterday trashtalking Lovelyz for “going nowhere”, accusing them all of being ugly, Jin of having a shaky voice, their schoolgirl outfits doing nothing for them– I was seething with rage.  What insanity!  Lovelyz not gorgeous?!  Their songs not genius?!  Oh, and Jin’s a mediocre vocalist?  And they claimed Yein can’t sing at all?!

Probably they’re all just a bunch of godless Jisoo haters, but to hell with them regardless.  If you don’t love Lovelyz what can you love?



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