4Minute Hits Rock Bottom

Their forthcoming comeback single, entitled “Hate”, is composed by that EDM person known as Skrillex.

What the hell happened to them?  In 2012 they were the scrappy electro-boppers who bloomed into glamorous vixens for the brilliant “Volume Up”, a genius Shinsadong Tiger production and the best music video of the year.  That fall they continued their Japanese promotions with the stylishly elegant “Love Tension”.  Then came 2013 and their greatest commercial popularity, but with mediocre new Brave Brothers jams and a goofy street style that declined from their sexy but classy 2012 ambience.  Then Hyuna danced in a video with a Knee Gro, 4Minute came back in 2014 with the sleazy and cheesy “Whatcha Doin’ Today?”, and 2015 saw them don negress braids for “Crazy”.  Through it all they’ve veered through an ambiguous world of stardom tainted with rumors of payola, and they never come back during peak competitive seasons.  Plus Gayoon and now Jiyoon look starved to death.  And as if Brave Sound wasn’t bad enough!– oh ho, now the tentacles of Western mediocrity and trash will find another tentacle to wiggle under the Hallyu Wave.  4Minute was something once, but now I dread them.



  1. Eric · · Reply

    I wonder if Hollywood has some controlling financial interest in this group? Their career is the same downward trajectory followed by anyone Hollywood influences.

    1. Well, there’s a scandal wending its way right now about an anonymous rookie girl group member arrested for a “sponsorship” arrangement (ie prostituting herself as a courtesan to some rich older man) who allegedly make false rape accusations about her same-age boyfriend at the older sponsor’s behest– or something.

      As things stand this apparently points to one of the very minor, off-my-radar groups, but it’s troubling nonetheless.

      Long-defunct girl group Rania recently inducted a black girl from Los Angeles as a member and made a comeback. This is a ridiculous stunt, and I doubt it’ll go anywhere (Rania was never popular ahd haven’t released music in over 2 years), but of course one day it’s this, the next day it’s that . . . . In Rania’s case, old Michael Jackson producer Teddy Riley has some sort of stewardship over them, so I guess he’s sort of the Hollywood frontman for that. But he’s never been terribly successful at this.

      4Minute’s envelope-pushing would still play in America as something very minor and cutesy. What worries me most with them is the stylistic excess of their “fierce” concept, which once was just cute but has now become literal-minded and monotonous. I doubt this Skrillex production will be terribly successful, but 4Minute is likely the soundtrack of choice for Westernized “bad girls” growing up in Korea and as such have become in my mind officially a “bad influence”. This Skrillex character in particular is associated with the druggy raver/hipster contingent in the West, so by definition any point of contact between that and K-pop is anathema!

      GBFM(TM) hasn’t updated at heartiste lately either. I assume he’s busy winning the caucuses in Iowa or something! . . .

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