“Shocking Things”

It is necessary to say shocking things to people. The first few times, they won’t believe you. But as events wear on, they will trust you.

–writes Ricky Vaughn in his twitter.  The Muslim immivasion bares its fangs.  Let White Europe purify itself of this foreign infiltration.

White Europe is a realm of ethnic homelands.  Britain, France, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Poland– these are not lands for the Muslims.  They are not the lands for Turks or Arabs.  As for the blacks, it seems at times their claim for membership in the human species is fraudulent.  We want Japan for the Japanese and only the Japanese.  We want Korea for Koreans and only for Koreans.  And in our historic homelands, European homelands, we demand all-White populations.  All infiltrators, “refugees”, and “immigrants”, to whatever generation, must go.  And that goes as well for the Jews, who have a home– one home– allotted them.

If this means we have to reenact the measures of sterner figures from our historic past– so be it.


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