Laboum Return to “Pops in Seoul”

Yet another of yesterday’s blessings: after long despair of Laboum returning to Pops in Seoul to promote “Aalow Aalow”, I searched and discovered that only some 22 hours before there was released this fourth turn for the “beagle idol group” in front of their cameras!

As always, Laboum exhibits supreme esprit de corps along with a quick wit– well, except when Haein starts to woolgather about her favorite song.  Probably she was thinking of an earlier song but knew the “correct” answer would have to come from their latest release, but in the end she managed quite plausibly.

I have to admit, watching the way ZN was holding on to Yulhee made me feel a bit whoozy.  I long ago gave up on all that lesbionic  trash but–ahem, there was something hypnotic about the way ZN cradled Yulhee’s arm in hers. I guess this is what the kids call “shipping”.  [Ed.:  Snap out of it!!!]  –Well, I think Yulhee got a little teary-eyed about something and ZN was just comforting her, but it was just so hypnotic the way the comforting . . .   Ah, to have such a sweet little arm held in one’s own . . . .  to have such sweet little hands folded about one’s own . . . .  ah, the sweet clasping and unclasping, the–AUGUAHGAHGAH!!!! SNAP OUT OF IT!!!!!

–I’m not going to think about this any more.  Only when I rewatch this episode.  Maybe not even then.  Maybe.


One comment

  1. No eng subs on this, but I just love admiring Yujeong and Soyeon’s fresh faces and ZN’s peppy purple socks, etc

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