Today Lovelyz Returned “Ah Choo” to Inkigayo

–and Jin wore a top that says Jin!!!

OMG that’s so adorable.  And it feels so right that it’s Jin that gets the top with her own name.  Synchronicity: I was just reading the comments at heartiste before I went on youtube, and somebody was pointing out the loserdom of dudes who wear jerseys with somebody else’s name on them (ie. glorifying “Basketball-Americans”).  And then I go to youtube and go to sbs’s channel for the express purpose of inventorying all the “Ah Choo” performances because I felt like I was missing some and then, by gosh, here they are and they’ve gone and given a new performance today!

So yay to all that!

I assume this is a Holiday special, where groups sometimes pull out a song the audience hasn’t heard in a while.  I’ve pretty much figured at this point that the Lovelinus “single” is really just the Lovelyz8 album, tracks 9-11, and “For You” is Lovelyz8‘s second (or third, counting “Shooting Star”) single. Sort of like The Rainbow Syndrome Parts I and II, expect in Lovelyz’ case it’s part first two-thirds and part third-third, or something like that.

Of course as I’ve said before, even with all the watching the “Ah Choo” video (which is the alternate pick for Best Video of the Year with April’s “Dream Candy”) and great performances like the outdoors Show Champion stage or the Comeback at Music Bank and for Show! Music Core and Inkigayo, and that concert performance on KBS, etc., I feel somehow almost guilty, as if I haven’t given enough attention to this really wondrous single.  Perhaps the apocalyptic joy of Jisoo’s restoration– dare I care it a prefigurement of resurrection itself?– was so astounding and emotional an affair that it’s hard mentally to assimilate it, to feel the requisite sense of gratitude for something so deeply sought for.  Perhaps I should’ve marked the release of Lovelyz8 with a fast or something like that.  I mean, it really is remarkable, a blessing, to have something so precious and ideal in one’s life– and if the laws of successful personal relationships forbid, alas, swooning over a woman in person in this way, may we not vent all our deepest poetic longings from afar on such enchanted songbirds?

Anyway, I hope we will see more stages for “For You” as well, which is still not even a month old and, while a sort of departure from “Ah Choo” and the other OnePiece-produced singles, is yet so emphatically and joyously pure Lovelyz too.  Meanwhile, just the mental picture of Jin in her “Jin” top instantly becomes an iconic mental phantasm of the girl I begin to see, more and more, as my ideal dream waifu.

[UPDATE:]  OMG Lovelyz performed BOTH today!

Wow.  A real two-song set.  What an honor!  And what a boon for us!  Lovelyz hwaiting!!!


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