Mom, Is That You?

It’s utterly tangential, but this quote from an Anonymous at Vox Day (it is forbidden to be an “Anonymous” at Vox Day) is too precious to be forgot:

“Anonymous pick a name” Ok. I can read and was surprised by comment got through but what the heck is a URL? I’m generally considered a smart man and run a successful business but you guys got your own lingo here with the sci fi and tech world. I feel old and I”m only 38. Tell me what a URL is and I’ll try to get in line.

Thanks for the run down of the crime. I appreciate it.

–Poor Mom.  She kept me on the phone yesterday for almost an hour-and-a-half griping about how her children said if she’s get on the internet they could email her and blah blah and now she’s on the internet and nobody ever emails her blah blah.

She was really driving me nuts about facebook.  She’s almost seventy years old and she keeps talking about “MY facebook!”  Like one of my siblings is complaining about her posting his family pics and she’s bitching to me, “Well if he doesn’t like MY facebook then he shouldn’t even look at MY facebook” and I was really losing my patience with her, I finally tell her, “You’re blabbing about g*dd**n facebook like you’re fourteen years old.”  I mean it’s nuts.  She had sixty-nine years to develop a brain off the internet and now she’s on the internet and all I hear from her over and over is MYFACEBOOKMYFACEBOOKMYFACEBOOK!!!

And she really doesn’t know the least thing she’s doing.  She probably doesn’t even have privacy settings like she thinks.  Not that “privacy” means anything to that Jewish perv Fuckerberg to begin with . . . .

So yeah, with her it’d be all “whuzz a ‘URL’ u gat ur on lngo blahblahblah” . . . .  Jeez.


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