Keep On Rockin’ in Christendom!

Don’t stop believin’!  Elect Donald Trump.  Godspeed Pres. Putin.  A Pink comeback, and Lovelyz– two apiece.  T-ara in China.  Laboum gets big.  April gets big too, and Somin joins KARA or gets a swell solo gig.  Rainbow at least goes out with another great mini-album.  Dal Shabet comeback in five days!  And we thank God again for giving Jisoo back to us!

All Muslims, Turks, Pakis, Syrians, Afghans, Moors, blacks, and Jews out of Europe.  Obama out of America, and all the tens of millions of illegal mestizos too.  Tear up “dual citizenship”.  Admit Brown vs. Topeka was an evil mistake, and make amends.  Kick Elena Kagan and John Roberts out of the closet and off the Court.  Down with the blasphemous farce of homogamy.  Make the media tell tales on lesbian child abuse and Israel’s sterilization of Ethiopian Jews.

May Francis Ford Coppola write and direct a new home movie, and may this one make sense this time!  As for me, triple-digit pay per hour would be swanky.  And justice for the victims of Sandy Hook– which is all of us who’ve been lied to by those CIA theatre fags.

God save and prosper America, Europe, the Commonwealth, Christendom, White people, Korea, Japan, and Ice People all the northern hemisphere over.  Let’s rock this 2016!  2016 hwaiting!


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