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Dal Shabet’s “Someone Like U”

Since its release on January 5th, I’ve lamented the absence of the awesome intro (featured in the mv teaser) which would’ve propelled this song to something like true greatness.  Why oh why it isn’t part of the album track– or at least a lead-in intro– is beyond me.  Still, “Someone Like U” is a very decent […]

I was about to wet my kegelcized self with glee when I read that 200 Swedish football hooligans beat the crap out of a Muslim mob

but apparently it turns out they were just handing out anti-“immigrant” leaflets and got beat up by Swedish riot police instead. Dear God, beat up the Muslims! UPDATE: Or was it real?

The New GFriend Single

I’m trying to make some sort of peace with GFriend, the much ballyhooed rookie nugus who have taken over the hearts of Koreans with their quirky looks and heart-tugging propensity to slide and fall all over the stage.   Third single “Rough” maintains their signature lowbrow electric guitar flourishes and other inanities, but there’s a melancholy […]

Thirteen year old girls aren’t being protected.

Vox Day commenter Philip George generally tends to get ignored, in part because he seems to be some sort of Christian Monarchist forever beating his drum about the centuries-long march of devolution rather than specifically addressing whatever question is at hand, but I thought this particular comment was a rhetorical gem: There’s only one story […]

4Minute Hits Rock Bottom

Their forthcoming comeback single, entitled “Hate”, is composed by that EDM person known as Skrillex. What the hell happened to them?  In 2012 they were the scrappy electro-boppers who bloomed into glamorous vixens for the brilliant “Volume Up”, a genius Shinsadong Tiger production and the best music video of the year.  That fall they continued their […]

If supremacism is defined as desiring a nation of like-minded racial kin then every nation on earth BUT White nations are supremacist.

–says the heartiste twitter feed.

Choose Life: Choose Reaction!

On twatter, faggy nepotist pseudo-conservative Jew Jonah Goldberg refers to the Alternative Right as “scummy Nordic horseshit and antisemitism.”  To which I answer, first of all, screw the second-rate Jewish culture and all the pushy, nosy Middle Eastern Semites (Arabs as well as Jews); and second, I pass along this addition from the subsequent meme […]

Lovelyz Returned “Ah Choo” On Last Week’s Show! Music Core Too!

I had no idea! So I guess the immediate post-New Year’s music show broadcasts must’ve had plenty of extra room to book, because in this two-song set Lovelyz didn’t do even the minor truncating they gave “Ah Choo” on last weekend’s Inkigayo: And they changed the final tableau’s choreography too!  A neat circle this time.  […]

Kiss the Lovelyz

In its way, perhaps the cutest performance of “Ah Choo” ever! Just the girls with their mics in a radio studio, the camera panning back and forth to them, but they are in such adorable high spirits and their voices ring out so clearly. Just a beautiful performance.  What an intimate lovely moment!

Rainbow Will Return!

—In February, as they did last year, and when they did then it was with the magnificent Innocent album and single “Black Swan”. Which alas were a huge flop commercially– but good Lord what an awesome record!  Rainbow, whether you conquer the charts or no, I will savor this promise, this coming comeback, as indeed […]

KARA Disbands

One of the Hallyu Wave’s– and history’s– defining girl groups has disbanded.         It’s hard to say goodbye, but thanks for the epic memories.  Your vast discography and music video and performance broadcast legacy will always be cherished and freshly enjoyed.  Nicole, Jiyoung, Gyuri, Seungyeon, Hara, and Youngji– God bless you and […]

Where in the World is Lucius Somesuch?

(sigh) Where the devil is he? He hasn’t hardly updated his damn blog in like–forever! Oh, you mysterious White man, I’ll never understand your confounding ways!  Lucius, Oh Lucius, I want to know everything about you . . . .  What you think of the new Dal Shabet album, what you think of Vox Day’s […]

This Music Bank “Ah Choo” Stage Sets the Soap Bubble Machine on Slow . . .

. . .  and the effect is wonderfully dreamy!  Plus there are a lot of langorous slow camera takes, slow zooms in on the members (a stunning long camera hold on Kei during the breakdown part; the final shot slowing fading into out-of-focus). And with the vaguely underwater feel lent by the supergreen back screen(technically […]

“Make the Rebels surrender to Doctor Assad and ship them home”

–advises Skylark Thibedeau in the comments at Vox Popoli. Or, we might add, if the Syrian “refugees” don’t wish to surrender to Pres. Dr. Assad, let’s surrender them to Pres. Dr. Assad!  May God make this the year he triumphs against the rebels in Syria and restores an intact Syrian homeland to its legitimate rule, […]

I Dreamt of Eunji

–with me in bed (the one in my paternal manse, and lacking a cover on the mattress at that), this past night when we both slept within the Confederacy. Well, technically she’d probably already checked out when I had the dream this morning, but still– . . .  she was asking me something too, but now […]

“Shocking Things”

It is necessary to say shocking things to people. The first few times, they won’t believe you. But as events wear on, they will trust you. –writes Ricky Vaughn in his twitter.  The Muslim immivasion bares its fangs.  Let White Europe purify itself of this foreign infiltration. White Europe is a realm of ethnic homelands.  […]

Laboum Return to “Pops in Seoul”

Yet another of yesterday’s blessings: after long despair of Laboum returning to Pops in Seoul to promote “Aalow Aalow”, I searched and discovered that only some 22 hours before there was released this fourth turn for the “beagle idol group” in front of their cameras! As always, Laboum exhibits supreme esprit de corps along with […]

These Gods Among Us

Eleven-thousand virgins are dancing without urging.  

What do you know about–Witches?


April’s “Snowman”: The Choreo Version

I owe April a special Christmas salute for giving us the cutest Holiday-themed song and video (“Snowman”) as well as the most definitive Christmas stage of the season, their adorable “Muah” performance on Show Champion.  And now I see they dropped a choreography version of “Snowman” for New Year’s Eve as well: I’m very grateful […]

A Pink Takes Second Highest Girl Group Album Sales for 2015

The last iteration of the sales chart had Red Velvet’s combined Ice Cream Cake/Dumb Dumb sales placing them second, but A Pink has now surpassed them with 104,696 physical units moved.  Congratulations A Pink! 8NSD of course takes first place, and probably would without factoring in TTS and the Taeyeon solo project– but they factor […]

Jin Sings A Bit of A Pink’s “Remember”

It turns into one of those radio show games the Koreans are so fond of, but Jin gets to tackle the dreamy intro in musical fashion. It’s fun, too, to watch Sujeong almost try and get in on the action.  Anyway, sweet to see a Lovelyz get to pay a bit of homage to perhaps […]

Godspeed Vilmos Zsigmond

The legendary cinematographer of McCabe & Mrs. Miller, Obsession, Blow Out, The Deer Hunter, and Heaven’s Gate has died. Zsigmond won an Oscar for Close Encounters of the Third Kind, but it is perhaps the pair of Cimino films he worked on which utilized his soft-focus technique to their most expansive, painterly, expressive realization.  And […]

Today Lovelyz Returned “Ah Choo” to Inkigayo

–and Jin wore a top that says Jin!!! OMG that’s so adorable.  And it feels so right that it’s Jin that gets the top with her own name.  Synchronicity: I was just reading the comments at heartiste before I went on youtube, and somebody was pointing out the loserdom of dudes who wear jerseys with […]

Today is the Anniversary of A Pink’s Record-Tying 4th Show! Music Core Win for “Luv”

–in which they crushed the hopes of upstarts EXID too– before going on, the following week, to win a record-setting fifth trophy and crush EXID again– even though the January 3rd show was already A Pink’s Goodbye Stage! And can I be the only one who commemorates this anniversary of awesomeness, when I see my […]

One Year Ago in A Pink: Music Bank Icicle Heart “Luv”

Coming off four weeks of Music Bank trophies– and a day before capturing their record-tying fourth trophy for Show! Music Core (to be joined a week later by a record-breaking post-Farewell Stage fifth trophy)– A Pink performs this iconic stage of thrilling aristocratic wintry glamour.    

Tahiti’s “Skip”

Longsuffering girl group Tahiti got to follow through on their resurrection with “Phone Number” by providing us, late in the year, with “Skip”: Where “Phone Number” amped up the sexy appeal (sonically sophisticated, though the choreo might, from some perspectives, reek of desperation), “Skip” traffics in that ambiguous zone between novelty-cutesy and novelty-clubby.  Is it […]

Dal Shabet: Back to Their Roots?

Not that they really ever parted too far from them, but the teasers for “Someone Like U” are striking notes from “Mr Bang Bang” and “Super Duper Diva” like nothing we’ve seen in a long while.  The intro dorm scene in this teaser looks like something from a Minx video– which is great because I’d love […]

“Honestly, My Knees Are A Little Weak Right Now”


Mom, Is That You?

It’s utterly tangential, but this quote from an Anonymous at Vox Day (it is forbidden to be an “Anonymous” at Vox Day) is too precious to be forgot: “Anonymous pick a name” Ok. I can read and was surprised by comment got through but what the heck is a URL? I’m generally considered a smart […]

Keep On Rockin’ in Christendom!

Don’t stop believin’!  Elect Donald Trump.  Godspeed Pres. Putin.  A Pink comeback, and Lovelyz– two apiece.  T-ara in China.  Laboum gets big.  April gets big too, and Somin joins KARA or gets a swell solo gig.  Rainbow at least goes out with another great mini-album.  Dal Shabet comeback in five days!  And we thank God […]