2015: The Year NC.A Got Spandex

It’s not the biggest story of the year, but since I never got around to it at all let’s take a moment to commemorate NC.A’s adorable “Vanilla Shake”:

–Okay, I was a bit iffy when it came out too.  I mean, should sweet NC.A be running around in booty shorts?  I’ve only watched the video now about four or five times, but I’ve listened to the song in iTunes quite more, and it’s a terrifically catchy number, somewhat in the mold of BESTie’s “Excuse Me”with its vaguely retrofied ambience and candy-gloss production.

While it felt a bit naughty at first for NC.A to be all “shake shake shake uh-uh ma shake”, I’ve come to accept this as a fundamentally harmless evolution in her career– and really, “Cinderella Time” was a bit daft.  Plus, “My Student Teacher” wasn’t exactly free of tinges of Lolita-dom either.  Anyway, NC.A’s growing up, and it’s not like she went and did some EXID-level skanky violation of her style.

So, this was the year NC.A donned shinny hot pants, and altogether I’ll allow that it turned out pretty cool.  NC.A hwaiting!


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