“Whites must never, ever give up”

Lawrence Auster called his view “racial conservatism”–though not so often that I had recalled this coinage–but looking for something affirmatively “racist” in defense of White civilization but not necessarily “nationalistic” in the old imperial sense, “racial conservatism” sounds like a good label to me:

When I speak of a movement of white people to preserve, promote, and strengthen the white race and assure societies in which the white race and its good qualities will flourish, I am speaking, first, not of a national, public political movement, for such a political movement is not possible at this time, but a movement in consciousness, feeling, and behavior, the behavior including the maintenance of voluntary, small scale communities.

Such communities already exist in great numbers in the U.S., where whites live among virtually all-white populations and maintain a white way of life because they prefer it that way, while they don’t explicitly think of themselves as a white community, and in fact they are overwhelmingly liberal in their explicit beliefs and would be horrified by any suggestion that they are pursuing and preferring whiteness. I am residing in such a white area right now. But such communities need, eventually, to become explicit about their white character and identity.

I am speaking of a commitment to maintain the valuation of and allegiance to whiteness regardless of all external opposition and condemnation and all external lack of power, such as is the case currently. I am speaking of an effort and a movement that will need to last generations before it hopes to acquire external power in society. Whites insanely gave up control over their own societies and over themselves, in perhaps the greatest unforced error ever to befall civilization. It will take a long, long time to win it back..

The key to ultimate success is that whites must never, ever give up. They must, regardless of the total lack of current external support, hold the hope of the rebirth of white Western society as a flame in their souls, just as Columbus held his idea as a flame in his soul. And then, finally,—after who knows how long—they will win.

–That was February 2013, shortly before Auster’s death.  And one thing which has accelerated with terrifying speed since then is the rape of White communities the world over through the Judeo-masonic program of Race Replacement by immivasion.

But a new awareness– call it “patriotism”, “nationalism”, or perhaps “racial conservatism”– has stirred its head in the open.  In the governments of Hungary and Poland, in the fires that righteously scorch the free housing for “refugees” in Germany, in the Le Pens, in the Trumpening, we are speaking, we are moving, we are still praying.  And after who knows how long– God be praised, we will win.



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