Dal Shabet Will Return With “Naturalness”

Fresh off the sad departure of Kaeun and Jiyul, Dal Shabet prepares to release their tenth album on the group’s fifth anniversary, January 5th, entitled Naturalness and featuring a look that represents quite a departure from the group’s traditionally disco-spastic style:


In a further departure from the norm, Naturalness will boast only two full-quartet tracks, followed by solo songs for each of the “surviving members”.  Well, we’ve never heard that much from Ah Young at once before, unless we count that drama where she did the comical heartbroken karaoke thing, so that should be interesting!

Subin has two composition credits here, but it won’t be a wall-to-wall Subin production like their previous record.

This is a very pretty, pastel, soft, feminine look, but I’m wondering whether this means Naturalness will sound like a John Denver album or what?  Maybe this will be some sort of one-off experimental departure, perhaps even a sort of commemorative album since the band has lost two members.

I look forward to it, but all the same I wonder if E-tribe will ever finally return to the fray and give Dal Shabet one more crazy, space-pop maniac album like the days of “Pink Rocket”.  But maybe the girls just won’t tolerate that!


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