The Jedi Council Room is an epic fail

You know, some of this digitized crap from the new Star Wars movie doesn’t look so bad, in a computerized crayon children’s daydream of flying out among the planets sort of way.  But what the hell is the deal with the Jedi Council Room?

What a goshforsaken boring room.  What are those digital lamps in the background?  They’re so fake.  And so plain.  I mean, would it have killed Lucas and his digital cinematic revolution to shoot the scene on an actual set with (Neanderthalus help us) actual lamps?  Lamps that look like something a galactic civilization might produce?  And then the Jedis could actually walk around and emote, like Al Pacino in his kitchen in The Godfather Part III?  See, that’s actually a really great scene and Michael’s kitchen looks like a real, lived-in (and rather enviable) sort of space.  Whereas the Jedi Council chamber is the most boring sort of space you could picture.  I mean, nobody even moves around in it really, because the whole thing is a green screen with everyone basically glued to their seats and talking interminable boring dialogue.  Lord oh lord are the Jedi Councils boring.  It’s like Dunder Mifflin or something.  Couldn’t Lucas have at least given the Jedi a vaguely European Baroque sort of living environment, like Queen Amidala’s home planet?  Or couldn’t they have taken siestas in a lush park and discussed business there (there’s a scene like that too in The Godfather Part III).

As bad as the rest of this movie is, cutting back to the Jedi Council just hits you in the face with a lot of triple-bad doses of dull.

–Oh, there’s a new new Star Wars film out already?  Oh yeah, I heard about that.  Sounds like the predictions it’d all be a bunch of cosplay are true.  The heroine’s a Mary Sue.  And the director’s a– You Know Who.  I won’t be bothered.


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