Laboum In Full (more or less)

“Aalow Aalow” has received various degrees of truncation on the major broadcasts, but at least Show Champion affords it time enough for a full-length performance (minus a couple of intro measures):

Mid-promotion, the choreography has taken Soyeon’s headphones and anointed Solbin with them instead.  Perhaps this was always intended– perhaps it’ll even be someone else next.  I liked Soyeon getting the headphones: as a bit of a plain duckling Main Vocal, I enjoyed seeing her get more dramatic as well as purely musical centrality.  But Solbin is a stellar Visual, and this also means putting the headphone-sharing at center stage instead of off to the side.  Anyway, we have both interpretations on record now, so I commend Laboum for going the extra mile to make the performances exciting– especially considering how their marginal visibility on the K-pop hierarchy condemns them to so many o’erhasty stage shows.  As with “Sugar Sugar” before it, I’d swear a song of this magnitude of sheer catchiness would catapult them up a few steps on the ladder, but we’ll see.  –And I hope, too, they’ll get a proper “Pops in Seoul” show out of this promotion.  Yes I know, they did After School Club, but I simply cannot stand to watch that show– the webcam fans on the tvs on the wall just make me so very nervous.  That format is just . . .  eugh!


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