I guess people are wondering if A Pink’s gonna do a “sexy concept”

Because five people yesterday clicked on some old post I wrote that had something about A Pink and “sexy concepts” in the title (to with with “I Got You”, I believe).  Well, I don’t know the latest but after Hayoung said they weren’t preparing for a comeback apparently Eunji tweeted that they are, so I don’t know whether there’s really an A Pink comeback in the wings or not.

What I do know is that it pisses the living hell out of me to hear people ask, “Is/when’s A Pink going to do a sexy concept?”  Well, when’s AOA gonna do a concept that doesn’t involve rotating their asses in circles?  Because that’s what their whole existence as a band (God bless them) basically comes down to.  And A Pink’s essence is the opposite.  So shove it with your evil “sexy concept” crap already.

And for godssakes, Virginia, don’t go off telling me how “men aren’t prepared to deal with a fierce woman who owns her sexuality”.  Yeah, because nothing breaks muggers’ noggins like flashing the zipper on your PVC underwear at them.  “””Fierce””” . . . .

Donna Tartt once wrote, “Beauty is terror.”  And perhaps no pop; music in the history of pop music so fully achieves that condition as the sublime output of A Pink.  Yes, they might do something like “Hush” again.  But you can go to hell with your slutty SISTAR/AOA/Whatever crap and keep that kind of thinking the hell away from blessed A Pink.


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