April in Christmas

While I still need to get around to commemorating some of the great performances from the 19th’s broadcast of Show! Music Core, I just caught this brand new Christmas Show Champion‘s stage for April’s “Muah”:

which turns up the holiday-themed charm to 11, with blowing snow and frosty Christmas trees, and of course beloveable 5pril rocking out in their Girl Scout uniforms to the band’s delightful second single.

I haven’t caught the Lovelyz performance from the same broadcast, but since “For You” is such a summery song, this April stage may well stand as the Christmas stage par excellence for K-pop December 2015!

So while it is not yet Christmas Eve and since we don’t want to get too sticky about it (I know: the whole world today conspires to make it hard to keep the Christmas spirit, even in the cozy familial sense of the notion, let alone in all the majesty of the God-child in the manger), let us take this moment to wish the cozy cheer of the Season upon the world, especially the Northeast Asian and White European parts of it.  And may God save April, A Pink, Lovelyz, Laboum, T-ara, my Mom, my Mom’s dog, my brother’s family, my Aspie libertarian cousin, President Putin, President Trump, and all White and Yellow people everywhere from the Devil and his minions who write at The New York Times demanding we take in the homicidal Musloid refugees left about from the wars Israel proxy-wages for its despicable lebensraum.

Oh, and don’t let your kids watch any more “Star Wars”, people.  Christ, Confucius, and K-pop hwaiting!



  1. Oh wait, I HAVE seen the Lovelyz– it’s the one with the squeak sneaks!

    I thought this “Muah” must be from “today” in Korea, but this was recorded last week. Oh well, “Muah” on! . . .

    1. Double wait: I think they’ve misnamed this, since there are two “ep 168” “Muah” performances– so this must be ep 169? But what an ontological mishap, to have this misnumbered!

  2. Eric · · Reply

    I would like a Brigande for Christmas

    1. Well, the Orthodox Study Bible says “make God your debtor”, and then ask. I need to find some way to make almsgiving a part of my “spiritual path”, as it were. The fasting thing I definitely need to take up, tho I’m afraid Vanity will provide an unprincipled impetus too!

      Merry Christmas, btw. I was thinking I’d better send out the rescue dogs!

      In the olden days, or so my American Heritage College Writer’s Dictionary tells me, “Christmas” lasts through January 6th, so in my own humble way I’m going to try and make that my mindset, though it’s telling that the secular world just wants to trash the material detritus, ring in the last sales, and get the hell over with the “Winter Break” . . . .

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