We Have a New Lovelyz Single!

It’s been a strange and bumpy week, from the release of Cuckservative to the Kaeun and Jiyul retirement,  but in the background of it all has been the release of Lovelyz’ three-track Lovelinus and the wait for the first stage shows for the new cycle of promotions for “For You”:

Admittedly, in view of the richness of “Ah Choo”, a classic single only seventy-two days old as of this writing, it’s arguably almost an overabundance of riches to have a new single to assimilate.  I suppose Lovelinus is a sort of addendum to Lovelyz8; Lovelyz, still being rookies, are only following the normal career path of putting out new material in quick order, and the urgency for this is probably only compounded by the desire to get Jisoo out in front of her adoring fans so we can build plentiful fresh feelings for the completed group.

Last December had “Like a Cat”, “Candy Jelly Love”, “Luv” and (an autumn holdover) Laboum’s “What About You” for my quartet of hegemonic singles.  This December we have “Sleepless Night”, “Aalow Aalow”, “Muah” (with “Dream Candy” as a heavy rotation holdover from autumn), and, for Lovelyz, “For You” and the still-fresh and reigning “Ah Choo”.

The previous Lovelyz singles comprise a unique sound I sometimes think of as a fusion of KARA with t.A.T.u. (in a clean, optimistic, morally normative sort of way, of course).   “Hi” and “Candy Jelly Love” and “Ah Choo” combine a girlish, retro fairytale ambience with a fastpaced disco wall of sound.  “For You”, with its clattering midtempo bumptiousness, is closer to the boppy  summer sound of A Pink’s Pink Memory album tracks like “What a Boy Wants” and “I Do”.  It’s something a bit different, yes, but a delightful song.  Does this signal that Lovelyz already is poised to “move on” from the unique aesthetic One Piece produced for them with their debut?  One Piece is no longer their ubiquitous producer:  “For You” is the first Lovelyz single he hasn’t produced, though he does contribute “Circle” to the Lovelinus release.  Lovelyz is indeed defying expectations by releasing a song and video with a distinct summer ambience in Winter’s dawn.  But, thank Heavens, Lovelyz’ stage outfits are still coordinated; and the warmth, infectious energy, and loving charm of this latest release gives me fresh hope that the Lovelyz we have loved this past year will remain true through the promising new years for them to come.


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  1. Further glories from the New Year’s promotions:

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