2015 T-ara Birthdaygasm: Happy Birthday Eunjung and Qri!

Once more upon us comes the fateful T-ara dual birthday of glorious Eunjung and seraphic Qri, one-third of the world’s greatest rock and roll band, T-ara.

20110419_eunjung_4 qri

Cutie Qri turns 29!

t-ara-qri-bnt-international-magazine-august-2015-photoshoot-fashion 05

Still lustrous, and still tres sportif!

Darling Eunjung turns 27!

t-ara-eunjung-bnt-international-magazine-november-2015-photos 05


It’s been an epic journey together, and T-ara still has grand ambitions and I faithfully await the execution of their next glorious plan.  Even if Boram next year turns thirty, T-ara still radiates youth and charisma; and while I won’t begrudge the girls finally settling down,  Qri informs us that besides Soyeon and Jiyeon they are all “filled with loneliness” on the romantic front.

But I’m sure there are many eligible Korean gentlemen who would be eager to share their time with them, after one or two more epic albums.  Not that I want the girls to put off Nature’s business!– but there’s still a huge show to do in China before Christmas.  So, Godspeed Qri and Eunjung, and all my love on another birthday for the marvelous birthday duo of immortal T-ara!

–OMGZ! T-ara performing in front of WWII battleships?!  Is this genius or insanity? Do we even care?

–Ok, it must be a commercial tie-in.  I just discovered the other day on youtube a Nazi  newsreel of Gneisenau and Scharnhorst sinking HMS Glorious with apparently authentic sound which absolutely blew my world.  Those battleships were like my teddybears growing up.  Now I’ve lived to hear 11 inch cannons firing in anger and let me tell you that thunder is thrilling!  OMG it almost rocks my world like Temptastic!

Apologies to Eunjung and Qri for geeking out here on Fascist warmaking but it just lent an especial synchronicity to this moment of weirdness.  Here’s Eunjung and Qri and all the pirate crew doing “So Crazy” on M Countdown:

Ahoy hwaiting!



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  1. Two birthdays ago, on stage for M! Countdown!:

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