Jiyul and Kaeun Leave Dal Shabet

In very shocking and depressing news, two beloved members of Dal Shabet have called it quits on the band and their musical careers:

What sad news for fans of Dal Shabet!

Two members of the group, Ga Eun and Jiyul, released letters to their fans today to announce their departure. The letters are extremely heartfelt and prove that the members aren’t withdrawing due to any bad circumstances but simply because their contracts with Happy Face Entertainment have expired.

Jiyul writes: “Since meeting Darlings in 2011 right up until now, the 5 years with lovely Darlings and our members was really a happy time.” And, “after discussions with my family, the members, our staff, etc. and debating a lot, I came to this decision. For me as well, it’s really, really sad to be delivering this upsetting news and I know it will upset Darlings but I wanted to be the first person to tell you all.”


Jiyul also reveals that she will focus on acting after leaving the group.

Ga Eun apologizes for not notifying fans earlier writing, “until the last schedule, I wanted to go on as usual and have fun while completing my schedules cheerfully so I couldn’t tell you all sooner.”

She also explains: “Going forward, I will focus on fashion and style, which I have always had a lot of interest in and loved. I’ll study it diligently and come back with a new image so don’t worry about me.”

Both women end their letters with words of encouragement for each other and the four remaining members of Dal Shabet, saying that they are like family and asking fans to cheer for the group when they make their comeback. It’s certainly encouraging to know that Woohee, Subin, Ah Young, and Serri will continue to create great music and promote as Dal Shabet.

While the departure is sad news, the love that the members have for each other is touching. All the best to Ga Eun, Jiyul, and Dal Shabet in the new year!

–Sniff.  All these years together, all the great songs, all the romping around on Shabet On Air.  And yet right now I guiltily feel that I barely knew them, that I didn’t keep up.  And now they’re going away and I probably won’t hear from them again.  Oh, maybe Jiyul will be in some terrific Korean show I’ll have to check out.  Or maybe Kaeun will– what is it she wants to do, be a fashion designer?  Or a model?  She’s modeled.  Well, they all have of course, but–

Dal Shabet's Kaeun sees Western degeneracy, displays levity

Dal Shabet’s Kaeun sees Western degeneracy, displays levity

Sigh.  I mean, I could see it if Kaeun wants to get married.  But what other entertainment/hipster thing to do is better or more certain than being part of a brilliant if commercially mid-tier K-pop girl group?  Or what better perch from which to snag a rich husband?  Oh Kaeun, and you’re such a good singer too!  We hardly knew until “The One All Along”.  And if it wasn’t for Subin’s car wreck, there would’ve been that album in summer 2014– probably still sitting in the can.  After all this time, all these adventures of youth, have I lost a third of my sweet Dal Shabet?  And how many times I have thought to myself, even recently, how being in Dal Shabet must be like the ideal form of college for you all!– ah, the preternatural sweet of all that giddily enshrined girlishness, bunking together in your dorm, working away on your next pop-dance masterpiece, waiting for Subin to get finished cooking the ramen to perfection.  And now, you’ll be gone!

Sigh.  But my goodness.  We have “Bling Bling” and “Mr Bang Bang” and “Be Ambitious” and “Charming Bomb” and “The One All Along” and both videos for “Have, Don’t Have” and, and, and–

Sigh.  And the memories.  We love you, Jiyul and Gaeun!  We miss you, Gaeun and Jiyul!  Stay young, find love, have children, sleep in later.  God bless you.


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