An A Pink Fancam: “No No No”

A Pink ending a set with an enthusiastic, occasionally improvisatory “No No No”:

–I’m not sure what that little Eunji/Hayoung moment around 1:50 is supposed to be– a tongue-in-cheek approximation of some sort of “dirty dancing” or just an arm-wrestling competition.  Anyway, it’s a cute performance and photographed with a lovely sheen.  One of those youtube moments passing from one recommended vid to another, so if I don’t commemorate it here it’ll fall down the memory hole– so let’s commemorate it!

Incidentally, Hayoung just told Weekly Idol that A Pink has no immediate comeback plans.  Sigh.  Well, so much for my prayers for a surprise A Pink Holiday single– a new one, I mean.  “Sunday Monday” drops today in Japan as their Japanese Holiday single, so there’s that!  A Pink hwaiting!


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