55.024% of Laboum’s “Aalow Aalow”

Generally I flinch to see K-pop fans drop f-bombs in the comments at youtube– hypocrite though I be, I see it as an awful sign of creeping Western decadence (and it’s not as if I cuss in a K-pop context anyway!).

But in this case, even when something like 4 out of 5 comments are cursing up a storm, it’s hard to disagree.  Show! Music Core butchered Laboum’s comeback stage into a paltry 1:55 trailer for the 3:29 “Aalow Aalow”.

Huge popularity has its privileges, and huge popularity is something Laboum as of yet don’t got; but this is an outrageous indignity.  No high notes, no ZN parts, basically no second verse.  I assume MBC gave them these terms and they accepted them, but it’s really an insult, not just to Laboum but to the show’s own integrity.

One would obviously hope that even a taste of a song this infectious would open the door to greater things, but there are conditions under which I think it becomes basically unacceptable to work.  Rainbow supposedly was given the 2-minutes or don’t show option with “Black Swan”, and just the thought of that was outrageous.  Indeed, at that time and since I’m not sure I’ve even seen a 1:55 broadcast till now.  This is really a sign of the industry corrupting.  Two big acts did two-song sets in full last night.  Really, SM Ent does not need a damn six or seven minute set to promote its artists, least of all the frantically overexposed  and overworked 8NSD (I guess they want Taeyeon to collapse dead so they can milk her for the last penny before she’s over the hill?).

The industry needs to maintain some baseline standards in what has been, in the past, at least a plausibly meritocratic system whereby lower-tier groups can hope by tenacity and talent to work their way to the top.  A 2:30 set should be a bare minimum.



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