Yoonhye’s “Black Swan” Fancam

Well, here’s another for the annals of “Why the hell didn’t I know this existed?”– an mnet “fan cam” for Rainbow’s sake-she doll Yoonhye during the (all too brief) promotions for “Black Swan”:

–While it’s true the stylings for this comeback bring it out, Yoonhye does have a look that archetypally recalls many of the (white) chicks in high school I crushed on.  Certainly she’s rocking a Western hairstyle here, and of course she has those saucer eyes which are odd in an Asian girl.  And then there’s her, uhm, build.  Beyond all that, her always-unique puppydog look of bemusement gels with the whole moody/sexy vibe they’re going for to give her a fetchingly sensuous ambience.  She’s almost like something out of the pages dedicated to Late Romanticism in Sexual Personae, but in a good, sweet sort of way.

That doesn’t make sense.  But then, Yoonhye is a strange girl.  If I don’t crush on her often enough, it’s only because Rainbow comebacks are so scarce and, poor thing, she always gets so few lines.  It’s almost as if we only know her through stolen glances.  But what glances!  And here, at least, we can ogle her mysterious nature at length.

PS: Why does mnet have such sucky audio nowadays though?  I’ve noticed that a lot, and not just in the fancam vids, which are sometimes shot during rehearsal.


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