Laboum!! Comeback!!

Laboum wrap themselves in the flag of “Round Round” for the gaudily colorful and hyperinfectious “Aalow Aalow”:

–a track 8NSD could ride to the moon.  But will Laboum enjoy breakaway popularity with this?  We can only contemplate deserts, but if this doesn’t wow the audiences at Show! Music Core I don’t know what will.

Soyeon is really showcased here.  It’s interesting that, in a breakaway from standard K-pop procedure, we get not one big high note at the climax but two– first Soyeon, as expected, but then Yujeong too.  The playful ‘break’ in the second verse is an arguably inspired aside in the otherwise unrelenting synth-pop swirl of “Aalow Aalow”.  The video crams in inspirations from “Roly Poly”, “Mr Chu”, “Candy Jelly Love”– it’s a cornucopia of all the other K-pop acts I love, and only solidifies Laboum’s claim as the next in line for superstardom.  I don’t know why Haein is afraid of her globe, but it’s adorable.

This may be the last major artistic contribution we get from K-pop in calendar year 2015, but it’s been worth the wait.  Laboum hwaiting!


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