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Eat Pig and Die

Ivica Petrusic, the vice president of Second@s Plus, a lobbying group that represents mostly Muslim second-generation foreigners in Switzerland (who colloquially are known as secondos) says the group will launch a nationwide campaign in October to ask Swiss citizens to consider adopting a flag that is less offensive to Muslim immigrants. In a September 18 […]

2015: The Year NC.A Got Spandex

It’s not the biggest story of the year, but since I never got around to it at all let’s take a moment to commemorate NC.A’s adorable “Vanilla Shake”: –Okay, I was a bit iffy when it came out too.  I mean, should sweet NC.A be running around in booty shorts?  I’ve only watched the video […]

“So beautiful and steep butts?”

–It sounds ridiculous, but it’s from the comments and if I don’t source it here now, I’ll never forgive myself because that phrase will be rattling around in my head, unattributed, forever. The internet is like that . . . . Anyway, Girl’s Day is still a terrific group, despite that gawdawful song this summer, […]

“Whites must never, ever give up”

Lawrence Auster called his view “racial conservatism”–though not so often that I had recalled this coinage–but looking for something affirmatively “racist” in defense of White civilization but not necessarily “nationalistic” in the old imperial sense, “racial conservatism” sounds like a good label to me: When I speak of a movement of white people to preserve, […]

One Year Ago Today: A Pink Takes the Inkigayo Triple Crown

December 28, 2014, A Pink’s “Luv” wins its third Inkigayo trophy, thus removing the song from further competition on the show– a superstardom-sealing K-pop event, and a glorious musical coronation for the greatest girl group of all time. Today, then, let us revisit this seductive performance, and relish the living wonder of that awesome Christmas […]

Dal Shabet Will Return With “Naturalness”

Fresh off the sad departure of Kaeun and Jiyul, Dal Shabet prepares to release their tenth album on the group’s fifth anniversary, January 5th, entitled Naturalness and featuring a look that represents quite a departure from the group’s traditionally disco-spastic style: In a further departure from the norm, Naturalness will boast only two full-quartet tracks, […]

OMGZ! 5pril did a “Less Dance” episode for “Muah”!

The enterprising lasses of April, I discover, went right back into the breach with their second appearance on Let’s Dance to promote their bouncy second single “Muah”!: –and, uh, the back catalog of their “big sister” group KARA! –in whose ranks I will not be surprised to soon see April’s erstwhile leader, Somin! –haha They […]

Merry Christmas

And the third day, there was a marriage in Cana of Galilee: and the mother of Jesus was there.  And Jesus also was invited, and his disciples, to the marriage.  And the wine failing, the mother of Jesus saith to him: They have no wine.  And Jesus saith to her: Woman, what is that to me and […]

April in Christmas

While I still need to get around to commemorating some of the great performances from the 19th’s broadcast of Show! Music Core, I just caught this brand new Christmas Show Champion‘s stage for April’s “Muah”: which turns up the holiday-themed charm to 11, with blowing snow and frosty Christmas trees, and of course beloveable 5pril […]

“wow the shoe’s vocals really improved this comeback! im so proud of them!”

harharhar– but I’ll assume it was said with affection. Yes, this Show Champion performance certainly caught the squeals of Lovelyz’s sneakers all throughout– but such is the passion and beauty of live performance.  And the Lovelyz, from atmospheric Jiae with her cheery blonde-streaked pigtails to bobbed Jin with her explosive high note, give it their […]

Laboum In Full (more or less)

“Aalow Aalow” has received various degrees of truncation on the major broadcasts, but at least Show Champion affords it time enough for a full-length performance (minus a couple of intro measures): Mid-promotion, the choreography has taken Soyeon’s headphones and anointed Solbin with them instead.  Perhaps this was always intended– perhaps it’ll even be someone else […]

The Jedi Council Room is an epic fail

You know, some of this digitized crap from the new Star Wars movie doesn’t look so bad, in a computerized crayon children’s daydream of flying out among the planets sort of way.  But what the hell is the deal with the Jedi Council Room? What a goshforsaken boring room.  What are those digital lamps in […]

I guess people are wondering if A Pink’s gonna do a “sexy concept”

Because five people yesterday clicked on some old post I wrote that had something about A Pink and “sexy concepts” in the title (to with with “I Got You”, I believe).  Well, I don’t know the latest but after Hayoung said they weren’t preparing for a comeback apparently Eunji tweeted that they are, so I […]

12 Days With Lovelyz’ “For You”

–And I almost slipped and typed “Ah Choo” in the title too! In this bitter season when the fate of the Republic, the Church, all the West and all the world seems to hang in the balance, I find myself only fitfully able to shake off a certain deep-penetrating gloom by the application of glorious […]

Lovelyz on Inkigayo: The “For You” Comeback

An ambitiously whimsical staging for “For You” on today’s Inkigayo: I hope Inkigayo never stops rocking the Greek column scenery and the tilted camera angles.  These motifs lend their shows a special magic all their own.  But say, are Lovelyz wearing dark contacts in this performance?  I only noticed this on a second viewing, but […]

A Year Ago In Music Bank: A Pink’s “Luv”

Yet another of the endlessly revisitable broadcast performances of A Pink’s and pop’s pinnacle moment, the dazzlingly moody and luminously exuberant “Luv”: –Also their second of four Music Bank trophies for “Luv”, ruling the chart through the whole of December.

We Have a New Lovelyz Single!

It’s been a strange and bumpy week, from the release of Cuckservative to the Kaeun and Jiyul retirement,  but in the background of it all has been the release of Lovelyz’ three-track Lovelinus and the wait for the first stage shows for the new cycle of promotions for “For You”: Admittedly, in view of the […]

2015 T-ara Birthdaygasm: Happy Birthday Eunjung and Qri!

Once more upon us comes the fateful T-ara dual birthday of glorious Eunjung and seraphic Qri, one-third of the world’s greatest rock and roll band, T-ara. Cutie Qri turns 29! Still lustrous, and still tres sportif! Darling Eunjung turns 27!   It’s been an epic journey together, and T-ara still has grand ambitions and I […]

T-ara Out: Thoughts on Conspiracies Small, Great, Fictitious, Factual, and Developing

I looked up the trailer for Brian De Palma’s Blow Out, which I really need to see again (this is one of those masterpieces I spent forever waiting to see and then I saw it once and then I’ve never seen it since), and it turns out Criterion has released the film and they have […]

An A Pink Fancam: “No No No”

A Pink ending a set with an enthusiastic, occasionally improvisatory “No No No”: –I’m not sure what that little Eunji/Hayoung moment around 1:50 is supposed to be– a tongue-in-cheek approximation of some sort of “dirty dancing” or just an arm-wrestling competition.  Anyway, it’s a cute performance and photographed with a lovely sheen.  One of those […]

Jiyul and Kaeun Leave Dal Shabet

In very shocking and depressing news, two beloved members of Dal Shabet have called it quits on the band and their musical careers: What sad news for fans of Dal Shabet! Two members of the group, Ga Eun and Jiyul, released letters to their fans today to announce their departure. The letters are extremely heartfelt […]

55.024% of Laboum’s “Aalow Aalow”

Generally I flinch to see K-pop fans drop f-bombs in the comments at youtube– hypocrite though I be, I see it as an awful sign of creeping Western decadence (and it’s not as if I cuss in a K-pop context anyway!). But in this case, even when something like 4 out of 5 comments are […]

Happy Birthday Jinsol!

April’s big-voiced maknae turns fourteen! –Shut up.  She’s actually like supposedly the youngest K-pop girl group member on record.  And she acts very mature for her age! You would think (April’s, not A Pink’s) Naeun would be the maknae, she’s so dolllike looking but she’s actually sixteen which is an awesome age because that ain’t nothing […]

Yoonhye’s “Black Swan” Fancam

Well, here’s another for the annals of “Why the hell didn’t I know this existed?”– an mnet “fan cam” for Rainbow’s sake-she doll Yoonhye during the (all too brief) promotions for “Black Swan”: –While it’s true the stylings for this comeback bring it out, Yoonhye does have a look that archetypally recalls many of the […]


Oh my flippin deity, it’s TRUE: The lovely girls of Lovelyz have dropped the first teaser clip for their upcoming title track “For You.” OMGOMG remember when that guy said in the comments attheteaserfortheLaboumcomebackthat”omgsomanygreatcomebakcsinnov/dec9museslaboumlovelyz” andiwaslikehemustbetalkingaboutoctober that’swhenlovelyzcamebackwith “AhChoo” unlesscouldhepossiblymeanthatnewsecretLovelyztrack Lovelyzunveilsedinthatepisodeof LovelyzDiarySeason3whenthey’reintherecordingstudio andlisteningtothatnewtrackwehaven’theard andthenthosegirlssneakuponthempretnedingtobeghostsitwasscary fortheDiaryepisodebutit’slikethey’releakingpreviewingatrack we’llhearsomedaybutit’llprobablybe2016orsomething butomgwhatifthismeansLovelyzis actuallyreleasingthatsonglikeRIGHTNOW??!!!?!? For the past week or so, Woollim Entertainment has teased […]

Laboum!! Comeback!!

Laboum wrap themselves in the flag of “Round Round” for the gaudily colorful and hyperinfectious “Aalow Aalow”: –a track 8NSD could ride to the moon.  But will Laboum enjoy breakaway popularity with this?  We can only contemplate deserts, but if this doesn’t wow the audiences at Show! Music Core I don’t know what will. Soyeon […]