Donald Trump on “White Trash”: “It’s a terrible expression”

I was browsing the comments at heartiste yesterday and I suddenly thought of this old scene from Donald Trump’s The Apprentice.  Back when I was living in sin, the Ex and I watched a couple of seasons of the show together in bed.  I couldn’t tell you what the projects were or who was on it or anything, but I remembered this one time one of the contestants in the boardroom spontaneously, flippantly referred to himself as “white trash” and it set the Donald off so bad he up and fired him just for that.

Now, I’d never seen this or heard it referenced ever since, but I guess it had been floating around inside my head since we talk so much about the Trump campaign and how exciting this has been for (as heartiste puts it) Making America White Again.  So I figured I’d go on youtube and google it.  It was to my great surprise that– contrary to the usual painful experience of trying to dig up some half-remembered chestnut of pop cultural detritus– it was right there.  Not an “official” upload, but somebody had culled it and put it up, ages ago, so we could experience this entire “White Trash” scene in full.

Flash forward to now, and I just found that the new Sandy Hook book I’d read about at The Thinking Housewife has been yanked by amazon.  So then I go to TTH to look back at what she wrote about it, and I get an Error message!  Still not sure what that’s about– but I wish to God I’d already ordered the book.

But I chance upon another article that catches my eye, which links to this thoughtful essay.  And browsing there, I see on their twitter feed that somebody’s posted today that same youtube video of Donald Trump firing the guy over his “white trash” comment!

So did Renegade Broadcasting see the video “comment” at heartiste? lol  Well, maybe it’s pure synchronicity (in a “great minds think alike” way, this would be the more exciting possibility), but I think there’s a fair chance I happened to put that video in their way.  And, seemingly at random, I happened to discover their website at the same time.  Which is synchronicity too.

Not a “big deal”: but I’m amused to think maybe I’ve helped this little piece of Trump arcana gain a little currency.  Maybe it’ll become a “meme”.  I think it does clearly show a bit about how Trump’s mind really works, and why he’s a good thing for this nation.  So if every little bit helps, I hope highlighting an old memory from The Apprentice promotes The Trumpening too.  Keep your White Pride– or else!


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