Happy Birthday Yulhee!

Laboum’s delicious doll of a maknae turns 18!

yulhee koreaboo

And, as we reported last evening, a Laboum December comeback is on its way!!!

Yulhee onehallyu


Which is intensely gratifying news, as we haven’t heard from Laboum since “Sugar Sugar” dropped some eight months ago.

With their extreme yet effortless aegyo, their intensely comical rapport on camera, and their scrumptious neo-80s sonic aesthetic, Laboum is the most (so far) overlooked rising force in K-pop, and in this listener’s heart at least have already achieved iconic stature.

So we wish Yulhee a delightful birthday, and glorious good luck with the forthcoming promotions, for which we are very excited, and many great and good and thoroughly daebak milestones still to come!  Yulhee hwaiting!


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