April’s New Single is Nifty, But On Behalf Of Asian Men I Have To Say–

This just ain’t right!

The new April single is, as we would hope, a fun and infectious number that doesn’t give us too much grief about Somin’s absence [NB: the conspiracy theory afoot is that DSP removed her to put her in KARA instead. Since the core members’ contracts are apparently almost up– again!- this may be a failsafe or a means of intimidation, depending]

But imagine my distraction to discover that the video’s love interest is played by a damned White boy!

And yes: I am, painfully, distracted.  EXID’s “Pink Oil” left me mute with fury over the inclusion of two– count ’em, two–negroes, one of whom almost gets a kiss planted on his ugly mug.  What with that black chick joining Rania [NB: a complete stunt move for a foreign-run stunt group that hasn’t released anything in two years] and that ugly nog in the video and presumably on the track for Girls’ Day’s “Ring Ma Bell”, it’s like K-pop is already threatened with a cloud of Cultural Marxist negrofication– something which the wretched Western(ized) fans would doubtless appreciate, as allkpop and now even soompi regularly boast articles on “gay rights” in Korea, so-called Syrian so-called refugees in Korea, and K-pop’s raciss legacy of “””cultural appropriation”””.

Now, as a White man and a fellow Ice Person to my beloved Koreans, I could rationalize that putting a White guy in there isn’t as bad.  Strictly speaking, of course it isn’t.  But there’s a bigger principle at stake here:  these are Korean girls, and their and their audience’s hearts should be with their own delightful race.  I don’t know if Korean men have a word for their women icesharking with White men, but– it pains me to think that the Korean audience has to be treated to the spectacle of their own (very young!) women going ga-ga over men of a different race.

Really, I think it’s a bit cruel to their own kind.  Korean men have every right to be nauseated by the spectacle.  Heck, I’m a bit nauseated by it myself.  And what sort of example is this setting for Korean girls?  Throw away your precious Korean genes to go mooning over foreigners?

It might be one thing to affirm a woman’s “freedom” to pick any man from any where– but it is not K-pop’s job to be an emissary for that kind of thinking, let alone to so glibly and gratuitously pack it on like this.  Heck, five Korean girls (as young as 14 and–till December anyway–13!) precociously moony over some Caucasian!

That the guy looks gay is irrelevant to the larger point.  I really really prefer that everybody in K-pop stay Korean.  I want Korea– and all the other great Mongoloid peoples– to stay proudly unique, patriotic, insular, and genetically pure.  Asia for the Asians!



  1. Eric · · Reply

    Yes, this is disturbing. It’s bad enough that we have this politically-correct degenerate cultural imperialism shoved down our throats over here; but watching them export it to rot out other cultures is too much. Hopefully some of these Asian countries will follow Thailand’s example and start squeezing out American Cultural Marxism.

    Seeing Selena with Justin Bieber and Ariana with Big Schlepp (or whatever his Negroid street handle is) hopefully is not the K-pop future.

  2. Yeah, this was jarring for me. It’s an innocuous video, but bluntly positioning an obvious foreigner as the love-interest creeps me out. I think this guy is some sort of minor celebrity in Korean television, and I’m sure many young Koreans, through Western media, sometimes have romantic notions about Caucasians– as, I think we can admit, Caucasians exposed to Asian media sometimes have romantic notions about them!– but I think it’s really bad taste to foreground this so blatantly.

    Frankly though, even if they had put five boys in there for each girl, and only one of them non-Asian, it would still jar me. And this is quite apart from the invitation this example might lend to others to go to even more despicable depths . . . .

    But I don’t want to get too depressed over this. In large part, these past few days, I’ve felt increasing optimism about our situation. With Hungary, Poland, Trump, the closing borders, it feels like there’s some shift in our favor. The shootdown in Syria is a major scare, but it could help free Putin’s hands even more and finally get EUSSATO out of Syria (if not outright destroy NATO as a treaty organization, seeing what crimes Turkey has done at our behest or under our skirts), end the war, let Assad preserve the remaining minorities and punish ISIS, and allow us to speedily kick what Derbyshire eloquently calls “the so-called Syrian so-called refugees” home– and continue rolling back all “migrants”, “refugees”, “immigrants”, Turks, Pakis, 2nd and 3rd generation infiltrators, etc. And of course, Israel–and ONLY Israel!–for the Jews.

    In such an environment– and with China having lifted its one-child policy,– I sense that a more rational, multipolar Ice People-led world may be approaching, Christ willing.

    So hopefully these few blips of less than patriotic decorum in K-pop won’t be a trend.

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