Happy Birthday Woohee!

Dal Shabet’s glamourous Woohee turns 24!

–I note that Woohee has the distinction of her own Wikipedia page! This is something of a rarity for idols these days, since the non-Eunji members of A Pink are still confined to the A Pink main article.  They used to have their own wiki bios, but there was a holocaust against all that when some nasty SJW-type boobs decided K-idols weren’t “important” enough to warrant their own entries, despite heroic counterarguments from some cooler heads (I snooped on one of these threads once and was dearly amused by the person who countered, I believe with respect to Namjoo or one of the other A Pink members, “Look, this isn’t just some Brazilian teenager posting shit every twenty minutes to her tumblr.”  I’ve actually recorded Namjoo’s old bio here and meant to release it– I’ll have to get around to that.

Sorry Woohee, didn’t mean to get off-topic.  Well, despite illnesses and setbacks, she and Dal Shabet came back this year with the Subincentric Joker is Alive album, continuing the tradition of artsy-spastic space pop for which Dal Shabet is known and loved.  Woohee herself owns a songwriting credit as far back as 2013’s Be Ambitious. And Woohee, though 24, continues to smolder with youthful scintillation and gleaming vitality.

Woohee4 soompi


So we wish Woohee and the girls a very happy day, and further fun adventures and success still to come!




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