Autumn Leaves Are Fallen, But Lovelyz Remains

From November 15’s Inkigayo, Lovelyz rolls on with the “Ah Choo” promotions in autumnal schoolgirl colors!

These tops are a bit different from anything I’ve seen on Lovelyz before– almost like cheerleader tops, though in muted colors we’d probably never see in that context.  The peeking tads of sometimes-bare midriff add to the flirty schoolgirl appeal and remind us that, though the world is burning, some things, like Music, Beauty, and Autumn Leaves, are perennial values.

–Sadly, I’ve read that South Korea is taking in three hundred “Syrian ‘refugees'”.  Damnit.  Though at least I trust they won’t be allowed to blend in, and probably will be kicked out once President Assad calms things down again.

Please, God, kick all Muslims back to their historically Muslim countries and keep them there, till Thy coming finishes off their heresy forever.

In other Crusade-like news, A Pink plans to play four dates in North America.  God speed them home again safely!!!

And, a propos of schoolgirl outfits, April’s 5pril single will be out shortly, and the concept photos feature the remaining members in Lovelyz-esque green outfits capering about a luxurious-looking boarding school scenario!

Anyhoo, in happier thoughts:  Lovelyz hwaiting!


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