A View To A Kill

With breaking chaos in Paris, multiple sites of attack, hostages, and an emergency closing of the borders– funny how that can happen so fast when all of a sudden Islamic enrichment takes the form of a bomb at a stadium the Socialist President sits in attendance?– it is time for all Muslims across all Europe to feel the wrath of our unwelcome.

It is time for all borders to close.  It is time for all “refugee centers” to disappear.  It is time for intransigent “multicultural” governments to be extirpated.

I encourage the military and police of France tonight to make very free to crack down upon Islam wherever they see it.  Extra cartridges make gaming more fun.

If Muslims thousands strong take to the streets, mow them down.  Let all Islam, and all the United States government, see Europe treat its upstart infidel houseguests the way they deserve to be.  The United States can’t do anything to defend innocent Christians from massacre in the Middle East.  It better shut its mouth about the massacre of guilty Muslims in Europe.

Swedish men, Norwegian men, German men: your courts know the names of many gang-rapists of little girls.  Go find them.  Give them just treatment.

Find a mosque or a refugee center.  Shake the dust from your shoes.**  It would be better for Gomorrah in the Day of Judgment.

Military patriots of Europe:  you know where Muslims sleep.  You know where anti-White politicians sleep too.  Remove them all.

We pray for you.  War has come, and we bid you welcome it in kind.  Destroy the immivasion, all of it.  Rid Europe of mosques.  Rid Europe of foreigners.  Christ save Europe, and help you beginning today to make Europe 100% White again.

** Yes, Virginia, that’s a euphemism for a little something besides . . . .



  1. Well said. I’ve only seen this reported in the French and Russian media so far, but apparently ‘refugee centers’ in Calais and elsewhere have been put to the torch by the outraged populace.

    The French people are sick of this garbage and their political correct politicians who kowtow to every stupid social policy imposed on them by US and UK social engineers. I’ve predicted that another incident like this would lead to a military coup—with the full blessings of the French people. Let’s hope so.

  2. Well, this is too much of a wild ride to know what to think– Armistice Day at heartiste was spent commenting on the new immivasion video, then I was down with a migraine yesterday and now I’ve been up for–well, too long– trying to follow the Paris events.

    Some of the Vox Day commenters are confident the French will toss restraint aside. The border closings and the fires at Calais are nice signs, but more than anything there needs to be the proverbial grapeshot– absolute forced march removal of all Muslims from French soil. Which, with 8 or 9 or 10 percent of the population Muslim– huh jeez . . . . We need to make these people scared of this. France needs to shoot shoot shoot.

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