We Are White Patriots, We Are Christendom


We will preserve and prevail.

We are stronger than you.  We are brighter than you.  In spirit and in form, we are more beautiful than you.  We are the bearers of a peculiar benediction– too often derelict, yes, and many have failed.  But we undertook a Covenant, and from the already spectacular beginnings of Greece and Rome we attained to greater understandings– a special knowledge that is its own reward, and which also brought about upon the Earth manifest fruit in every direction, material and spiritual.

We are many peoples, and also a race: and better than the ones who transgress upon our homes.  Better than the itinerant peddlers with their overweening pretensions and futile mockery, who have their own little cave they all need to scurry back to, where they should meditate upon their sins and be grateful for some shadow of the ill-gained prosperity they have vainly placed their hard hearts upon.

For these our enemies: soon there will be no mercy.  They must leave our homes.  They must renounce all claims upon our attention or our compassion.  Mere tolerance for their existence, at a long and safe distance, will be more than charity in light of their offences and in view of our overarching power to inflict upon them unspeakable and irremediable sorrow, with good cause, if our patience is longer tried.

For those of us who see this trial through: an Age of rebirth, pride, peace, plenty, justice, faith.  Or else: a little darkness more, and the final consummation that ends and transcends us all, forever, and we shall glory in light upon light, the light that gives us our present purpose.

Surely his salvation is near to them that fear him: that glory may dwell in our land. (Psalms 84:10)

Watch and pray.  Every knee must bow.


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