Syrian Refugee? My Ass

From ReactionaryThought: This exhortation to Europe’s peoples, militaries, and extant royal families states powerfully and completely what needs to be done in this time of unparalleled historic crisis. I don’t believe I’ve ever availed myself of the “reblog” option here before, but I think this message requires as wide and rapid a dissemination as we can give it. We should all pray–literally–for God to stir the hearts of Europe’s best military men to take the necessary decisive action to save their countries from the genocidal fanaticism of a spurious supergovernment that seeks the utter destruction of Europe’s innocent peoples.



The above photo of an aging, unmarried, childless (hence the surrogate roleplaying), European, liberal, attention-whoring female acting out her psychological conflicts via mass media is a screen shot from this shit show: Notice how people shove to the front, some cynically holding a child, demanding admission based on whatever that person says. They are quite insistent considering they are “being welcomed.” The lesson of this video if you watch it carefully is this: everyone who makes a passionate demand is an exception. If everyone is an exception, there can be no rule.

I don’t have to discern or assign a motive to those whose actions are destroying (have destroyed?) Western Civilization, I merely have to observe the effects of their actions.

Something else I have observed: all of the European countries being invaded by Islam have police forces and militaries that are highly proficient at what they do. And yet…

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