Save White Europe: Invaders Must Die, Traitors Must Hang

Kill, Kill, Kill.  Die, Die, Die.  When will it begin?

When the Tet Offensive collapsed, they say we had to use bulldozers to clear the streets of Viet Cong dead.  May we live to see it with the Muslim invaders in Europe.  Clerics swinging from lampposts.  Pigs herding merrily among the charred, flattened remains of mosques.  Dead Africans in the gutters, pidgeons pecking away their blank uncomprehending eyes.

Sarkozy–I knew that Jewish swine had rhapsodized about “miscegenation” before, but until now I’d never seen that pervert give so totalitarian a scope to his sick Jewish fetish.  He snagged a French purebred hottie for himself, but he wants to destroy the exalted French blood forever and turn them into a bunch of sickly retarded Moors.  Hang him.

Merkel– childless Commie traitor.  Eliminate her.

Swedish effete traitors and brainwashers of children: coup d’état their asses.  Send the CV9040s into the Muslim neighborhoods–“with extreme prejudice.”  Do it, Swedish men!


To Hell with the Jewish-Masonic death cult of “immagwayshun”.  To Hell with the desert Mormonism of ignorant Bedouins and benighted fools afflicted with worthless SubSaharan genes.  Don’t “fight them over there so you don’t have to fight them here.”  FIGHT THEM HERE!

–And if that isn’t enough, then we can nuke Mecca for added thrills.



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